The big four in gambling
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by: John Patrick. Slots, Online casino gambling articles.
You know where I'm going with this article. It is a chance to take a look at the four most important parts of your gambling day. Plus, as already noted, each of the upcoming parts will break down these important facets of gambling.
 If you lack just one ingredient, then your chances of winning will be greatly diminished. You will notice that each of these parts is needed to make the overall project of gambling successful.

You may erroneously think that one or two of them have no bearing. Well think again, because you will be way, way, way off base to diss any part or parts of the Big Four.

Bankroll: This is the beginning. This is the first thing to concentrate on, because every single bet you make on a given day should be based on the amount of money you bring to battle. Everyone's size of bankroll will differ because of economic restraints. But as long as you play within the parameters of your own individual bankroll, you will be OK.

Knowledge of the Game: It don't matter what game you play, but it does matter that you are perfect in every aspect of that particular game. You notice that I did not say that should be good, or pretty good, or very good. I said perfect and nothing less. Since we are talking about blackjack in this case, the requirements of being perfect mean knowing basic strategy inside out, backward and forward, up and down, and any other which way that may exist. You should have basic strategy moves decided upon before you climb on that chair to compete.

As I said, I expect nothing less than perfect. (I usually see nothing more than mediocre. Well, it's your loss.)

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•    Money Management: Don't you worry, you're gonna get a bellyful of this item when we reach the part that deals with money management. There will be suggestions on every single matter that has to do with how you manage your money. But let me break it down to a simple statement that even a five year old can comprehend. "Money Management is what you bet after a win and what you bet after a loss." (Wow, what a fabulous statement, even if I do say so myself.)

•    Disscipplene: Maybe you don't know how to spell it, and maybe you never will. But if you don't got it, then you better get it. Because this is the keyski that separates the winners from the losers. I'll show you what to do and give you two choices: either follow my advice or close the book and go get whacked at the game of your choice.

And there you have the Big Four.
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