Roulette wheel gambling strategy
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Posted: Thursday, November 10th 2005 by: John Patrick. Slots, Online roulette gambling articles.
Finally we come to the last of the three possibilities I spoke about. This one calls for you to bet on whatever shows on the wheel. You do not set a Dominant to play. But merely choose a category (Odd Even, etc.) and the side that shows is the one you will now bet on.
If you chose colors and Red shows, you bet Red. If Black shows, you bet Black. Your job is to predetermine whether you are going to stay with the color, the high/low, or the odd/even. The choice is yours as to what category you want to play.

When you get to the tables, look for one that is showing streaks on both sides, not chopping.
Again, the bad part is the chopping pattern. But in this case you're looking for streaks on either side. Say the colors were the choice. A long streak of either Black or Red will pop off some decent returns.

The betting method you lean to is a choice that each player must make for themselves. Just be sure and start your bets low.
The final word on this method has probably already touched some of you. Bett M. Mall thinks he has discovered the 10th wonder of the world. His devious mind likes this system. But instead of staying with just one category, he is planning on betting 'Follow the Wheel' on all three groupings.

Bett M. Mall figures he'll catch a streak somewhere, by betting them all at the same time or at least catching two streaks going for him.
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The idea is OK, but the Bankroll may not be properly heeled to handle a bad run. There's nothing in the law of averages that says just because you got three sets of groupings going for you that all three can't start chipping you down with choppy patterns.

Bett M. Mall is probably going to war with $86 as his total Bankroll, with dreams of colossal returns clouding his rationale approach.

I am not condemning the use of following two or even three of the categories. But you gotta have the bread to stay alive for the dry periods.

If you do try the multiple categories, be sure and keep your betting series very low. Set Plateaus upon which will let you increase your bets and do a lot of charting to see that the table you play at is running in streaks.

Follow the Wheel is not a bad way to play and many of you might choose it. But before you head to the multiple categories, try sticking with one until you get the hang of it. Notice that the emphasis is on you having a strict method of play, along with a strict Money Management method for every bet.

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