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by: John Patrick. Slots, Online roulette gambling articles.
I'm not trying to get technical by using big words, but now we move into the advanced Action Number System which will change some of the numbers of the basic method and also call for increases in your wagers.
A couple of chapters back we went over the Basic Action Number System and added the Insurance bet. This is another set of numbers with the same Theory: The numbers being spread practically even all around the wheel.

However, in this sequence we'll start with higher initial wagers and then move into an Up and Pull betting method. I am going to be talking in terms of your chips being valued at $1, but naturally you can adjust your bets to coincide with your Session money and make their value 50~, $2, $5, or a combination of fives and ones for the 'off bet' approach.
I hate to keep reminding you   but my friend Reed N. Doze has a nasty habit of reading a few lines and then dozing off   so I wanna be sure he doesn't forget: This Money Management method can be applied to the Basic Action Number System.
I know this message has been repeated, but it's essential that you realize that these Money Management methods are interchangeable with each variation off of a basic play.
Since I have the attention of Reed N. Doze for a few pages, it'd be wise to tell you that this may be the system that you inside players may take a shine to. Think you'll like it   the idea is similar to the basic play, except the numbers to be covered are as follows:

Name    Numbers Amount of Bet
1.     Bucket Bet 0-2-00 2 chips
2.     Double Street 4-5-6-7-8-9 3 chips
3.     Quad Bet 10-11-13-14 2 chips
4.     Quad Bet 26-27-29-30 2 chips
5.     Double Street 31-32-33-34-35-36 3 chips

That's an outlay of 12 chips and you've covered 23 numbers out of 38   leaving fifteen blanks. The idea is still to minimize the chances of that ball finding a place to land and that is accomplished by these patterns.

In fact, only three of these numbers have as many as 2 open clicks between that number and another live one. They are 0 15 36. But in each case where there is two open clicks on one side, the other side is covered with no open clicks. Here is the breakdown by number:

0 none and one
00 one and none
2 none and none
4 one and one
5 one and one
6 one and one
7 none and one
8 one and one
9 none and one
10 none and one
11 none and none
13 none and one
15 none and two
26 none and none
27 none and none
28 none and none
30 none and none
31 one and one
32 one and one
33 one and one
34 three and one
35 none and one
Notice that six of the numbers (2 11 26 27 28 30) have no openings on either side. You're pretty well protected with this breakdown and have made it mighty tough for that ball to find an opening.
Okay, there are the numbers and the basic information. So before you move to the next chapter, be sure you've memorized them. This is important   so don't cheat and think you'll come back and memorize them later on. Do it now!

In fact, it is so important that I hope one of you will nudge Reed N. Doze and wake him up. When he gets to the casino, one little blink of the eye, one little mistake and you could blow the whole system.
Memorize those numbers and the amount of chips for each grouping.
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