Gracious Winner and Loser

By Gayle Mitchell

Add Jim Snavely to the list of Wheel of Fortune Millionaires. With just $20, the Oregon man decided to play the Wheel at Fitzgerald's, Las Vegas so he could be near his wife. Before he reached his wife, a woman beat him to it and sat down. She graciously gave up her seat to him and you all know the outcome.

Jim said after the jackpot win, "She came by again after I won and I asked her name and address because I wanted to send her something for being so nice and giving up the machine. I just hit for $1 million, but she just said congratulations and walked away. I sort of felt bad for her."

"When the jackpot hit, I looked up at the progressive numbers that were flashing and I tried to figure out where the decimal points were. I thought that I won $1,017, but then people began congratulating me and I realized what I actually won was $1,107, 267 and couldn't believe it. I still can't. I expect that any minute now I'm going to wake up and find this is all a dream."

Jim owns his own RV repair company and stated that he would use his winnings to help his children attend college. Then he said, "I will spend the rest of the money very wisely."


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