Video Poker- Other Versions

by Gayle Mitchell

This article describes the growing list of VP versions available at land based casinos and online.
There is no shortage of innovative schedules and options in VP land and that can be a good thing.
I offer a caveat here in that sometimes; these other versions do not have better pay schedules than ‘the standards’.

Ten VP versions available in land based casinos with a short description follow: 

1) Draw 6 Poker: The unusual twist here is that your get three extra cards, not two when you are dealt 3 of a kind.

2) Going for Fours: With a dealt 3 of a kind, you decide whether to pay additional coins to draw more cards. The amount of your bet is determined by the value of the possible 4 of a kind.

3) Back It Up Poker. When you have four of a kind or a straight flush in one hand, the next hand will payout fives times the normal credits if you repeat.

4) Bonus Hand Poker: A dealt hand of straights, flushes and 4 of a kind will get you three extra hands afterward. The payment for this extra play is a reduced pay schedule for 3 of a kind of 10 coins rather than the usual 15.

5) Ace Invaders: Similar to Triple Play with a twist. The similar part is the bottom line deal while the top two lines are played with no draw and a full 52-card deck for each.
The fun part is that aces at the top can be matched with the bottom two lines for bonus credits.

6) Five Play Multi Strike: If you like Multi Strike, you will love this Five Play version with an added incentive of climbing to the top line approximately every second game as opposed to every eight hands
with the original single payline version.

7) Big Times Draw Poker: A multiplier is an integral part of this game available in Triple, Five and Ten Play at a wager of 10 coins/line. Each line includes a multiplier ranging from 1-10X triggered by the highest-ranking card in the hand. It’s interesting to note that face cards rank higher than the low-end ace receiving a 1 multiplier, while a full house or quad with kicker rewards with a 10 multiplier.

8) Hold ‘em Challenge: is a slot version of the popular poker game seen regularly on your TV screen.

9) Multi-Pay Plus Poker. This game set offers eight poker games including traditional games such as Joker Poker, Jacks or Better Poker and Double Double Bonus Poker plus a unique proprietary game developed by Williams Slot Mfg. named Flush Fortune.

10) Max Out Poker: is my favorite on this list. You play eight coins on this 4-line version, five coins for the bottom line and 1 coin each for the top three lines.
The bottom line will pay for pairs and/or three of a kind for Deuces version.
However, with the top three lines, you aren’t paid for pairs, but the ‘top-heavy’ payouts are found with increased coin for quads, straight flushes and royals.
The change in strategy will correspond to the higher pays for top three lines as mentioned above.
You will hold three parts of a straight flush vs. a pair, three parts of a royal vs. a pair, three of a kind vs. four parts of a straight.
Optimum play requires that you reach as often as possible for the higher payouts while paying attention to the schedules for the top three lines.
Speaking of pay schedules, there is a wide variety of Video Poker versions offered for Max Out Poker and I have compiled a list of the top 10 versions that will determine your choice for this exciting game.

VP Version            Max Payout Schedule Return    Avg. Pay

1)    Bonus Poker Deluxe 9/6                        100.14%
2)     Super Aces Bonus Poker 8/5                100.09%
3)     Deuces Wild Poker 25/16/10/4            100.01%
4)     Jacks +     9/6                                        99.97%
5)     Super Double Double Bonus 8/5            99.94%
6)    White Hot Aces 9/5                                99.86%
7)     Joker Poker 7/5 Kings+ (18 for quad)    99.59%
8)    Bonus Poker 8/5                                     99.48%
9)    Double Bonus Poker 9/7/5                      99.35%
10)    Double Double Bonus 9/6/4                  99.29%

Deuces Wild Strategy: If dealt five of a kind with 3 Deuces, keep only the Deuces.
Note: The Max Payout percentage is maintained with max. coins per hand at a ‘full-pay’ machine with
optimum strategy.

Secondly, below find a chart for other versions online with the software provider.
I have selected versions that have more than 99% overall return with optimum strategy and maximum coin in play. 

 Video Poker Return
Software by
 Pick ‘em Poker  99.9% Real Time Gaming
 All American 99.4%
Aces & Faces
(1,4,10 and 50 play)
 99.3% Microgaming,
Playtech, OddsON
 Bonus Spades 99.3%
Unified Gaming
 Double Bonus 99.1%
Net Entertainment
 Tens or Better
 99.1% Microgaming, Boss Media

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