Three Types Of Slots

By Gayle Mitchell

Let’s explore Hot Slots, the most popular game in the casino. It is no longer a matter of: insert coins, press ‘spin’, cross fingers and dream. A slots education for both online and offline players is now a pre-requisite.
To begin, we examine the three categories of slot versions.

1) Basic Slots. 2) Progressives. 3) Bonus Slots including multi-lines and ‘Wild X Multipliers’.

1) Basic Slots: or ‘flat tops’ have a constant top jackpot payout.
Three features to watch for are: A) Single payline. B) Two coin maximum play to stretch your gambling bankroll.

C) Double/Triple payouts with certain combinations: e.g., Double/Triple Diamond, or RWB 7’s.

2) Progressives:  A wide selection is available as newer progressives hit the casino floor.
There are two levels of progressive jackpots -- primary and secondary -- with many graduated jackpots and pay symbol possibilities.
A primary jackpot, displayed in large neon, is the top prize offered for a specific win combination. Secondary jackpots are displayed on smaller screens and hit more often, albeit lower payouts.

3) Bonus Slots: Multi-lines offer a ‘second chance’ video bonus screen round. Wild X Multipliers offer bonus multipliers and free spins on reel slots.

Three examples are:

A) Hollywood Squares: Celebrities such as Don Rickles, Joan Rivers and Whoopi Goldberg appear in caricatures with hilarious lines and real voice-overs. Indeed, just standing near the machine is entertaining because their snappy patter continues when the game is in the ‘attract’ mode. ‘Wild Star Bonus’ occurs when star symbols land on the first and fifth reels. ‘Hollywood Squares’ bonus is triggered when three or more of the show’s logos appear on a payline. The player then plays a game of tic-tac-toe touching a square for his/her ‘X’ while the computer chooses the ‘O’. If you win this game, the ‘Question Bonus’ round begins and you choose one of the stars. After some wisecracking, the celebrity will answer correctly and your winnings will be doubled. This game is packed with fun while you ‘chat up’ the stars.

B) Monopoly Party Train: This version concentrates on the four railroads for its main theme. Train icons, Mr. Monopoly and Free Parking are wild symbols and the bonus is triggered when boxcars appear on the first, third and fifth reels. A selection of one boxcar reveals a multiplier and if Mr. Monopoly dressed as a hobo appears, the multiplier is increased. Three or more ‘Train Ticket’ symbols request which track the ‘Party Train’ will travel. Four picks follow with extra bonuses at ‘Community Chest’ and/or ‘Chance’. All Monopoly fans will want to ‘Hop Aboard’.

C) Saturday Night Live: Few shows in the history of television have had as profound an impact on American culture and comedy as NBC’s hip, irreverent and bitingly funny SNL. This four game series should attract people of all ages. The Blues Brothers is progressive cash for life that resets at $1 million. The three other separate games are The Coneheads, Church Lady and Hans & Franz. Depending on the popularity of the initial four games in the SNL series, might we expect to hear from Rose-Anna-Danna-Danna in the future? I hope so.

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Until next we meet in the Slots Playground.

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