Super Fruit

Multi-Line Slots

Super Fruit multi-line slot is a bounty of tasty delights offering generous multipliers for five super fruit varieties.

Find clusters of Grapes, sun-ripe plums, slices of juicy watermelon, mouth-watering oranges and very tasty top bananas.
The top banana is well named for this super slot game, as five of these game symbols in a row on an active payline will bring the slot winner the top multiplier of 2000. Four top bananas create a nice topping at 400.

Five is the super multiplier for other fruity offerings too. Oranges payout 400 for five, watermelon slices bring on a 200 multiplier and a plum of a reward of 100 is yours for five. Grapes in clusters of 5 translates into ‘raisin’ the multiplier to 40.�
The five paylines are set up with three lines horizontally while the other two form a V from above and a second from the bottom of your screen. A sweeping crescendo of music accompanies every winning spin.

This fun online slot is ideal for slot players who want to enjoy the slot experience for ‘pennies per play’ as denominations range from 2 cents to 10 cents per line bet.

Payouts are multiplied based on your line bet denomination and number of activated paylines.

Strategy Tip when playing Super Fruit slots: It is recommended that you activate all five paylines here to gather your full share of winning combinations.
Thus, total bets would be two cent maximum bets of 40 cents, nickel max per spin is $1 and dime max play of $2.

All other winning combinations for that particular spin are calculated the same way and added for a total payout dollar value.
While you gather your bounty, take a break to visit the easy-to-read paytable and check out the wide selection of slot symbols and matching multipliers available. The paytable lists five fruit symbols across the top while the vertical column announces multipliers paid by number of corresponding hits.

Pick the denomination to play from 2 cents, nickels and dimes.
You can start filling up on tasty fruit delights for pennies while moving up to dimes will surely not cut into your ‘diet plan’.
This super-sized fruit basket is bound to please all slots players who like to play the popular low-end casino slots.

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