Speed O'Meter

Multi-Line Slot

Your dream for speed and the lifestyle of the rich and famous come true with this exciting multiline online slot machine.
Darlings, walk this way while I show off my latest collection of toys.

The theme for this 3-line online slot is not only speed, but also style. The style is reflected in the payouts for three planes, 3 sporty autos, 3 yachts or 3 motorcycles ranging from 300X to 40X your denomination bet.  
In order to show off your speed and style, you will require some assistance from the necessary gas pump.
Three of these gas pumps will spout various top prize awards depending on the line where it lands.

The bottom line #3 spills out a 1600 reward X the denomination in play. The top line spurts out a 1400X award while the center line pours 1200X your way.  
You will notice that a duo or single gas pump will pop-up frequently. Two Gas pumps will pay 20X the denomination, while one doubles your denomination bet.

The three paylines are clearly marked and laid out horizontally across the screen and the sounds of a revving engine at the track will accompany every winning combination.  

Slots Strategy Tip: It is recommended that you activate all three paylines here to receive your just awards and live the style to which you have become accustomed.  
As you move among your collection, the illustrated paytable is available for instant viewing and reference at the top of the screen and lights up showing every winning combination.

Slots payouts are multiplied based on your line bet denomination. For example, if you bet a dollar and the winning payline combo offers 5; your payout is 5 dollars. All other winning combinations for all activated paylines for that particular spin are calculated the same way and added for a total payout dollar value.

Select the denomination to play from nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, dollars, two and five dollars slot machines.
You have the option to start at a slow speed with nickels, dimes and/or quarters and change your style upwards for higher payouts and more toys.  

Speed O’Meter online slots will set you on the right track with three lines of fun and excitement. First Class all the way.

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