Slots FAQ's: Slots Terms

This group of articles is titled: Slots Q&A. It is a collection of Readers Questions and Comments with answers provided by Gayle Mitchell, Editor of Casino Players Ezine. This article is about Slot Terms.

Q. What are certified slots? Kathy

Kathy: Rotating, neon signs greet you at the banks/carousels of certified slots. Casinos raise the percentage payout up to 100% for these 'special' slots. Generally these are dollar and up denominations, however, two cautions. This 'guaranteed' return is an average payback and could be over many months or possibly a year.
Secondly, not all the slots are necessarily high return versions. Is the casino lying to you? Not if just one of those slots spits out a large return. Make sure you ask the change people and/or slot manager if all slots are programmed with high rate of return or just some. I would only play if “all” is the answer.

Q. I'm not quite sure what you mean by "single payline" vs. "multiple payline". Can you please explain? Pat.

Pat: Sure, no problem, When you look at the front of the slot, you see a single line across the screen.
Multi-line slots have five or nine - up to 20 paylines. If you look at the help menu it will show you how the lines zig-zag for payouts. There are still some multiple line slots around where you can see clearly marked criss-crossing lines on the glass as you approach the slot, however most of those have been replace by bonus slots.

Q. What does coin in, coin out and coin drop mean in the slot machines? I also saw the term jackpot number in some of these. Is there an advantage to seeing these numbers and what is a good combination? Debbie

Debbie: This information is for casino monitoring and accounting of individual slot machines. The player gains no advantage from this information or certain combinations of the three, and you can bet slot manufacturers and casino management are not going to give away any winning info to slot players.
Coins in is amount played through machine. Coins out are paid wins and coin drop is a mechanism that routes coins or bills to a coin bucket when a full hopper is calculated.
So it’s back to walking the casino floor and practicing sound wager management to locate the loosest slots.

Q. What do you mean when you say a 'nudge' slot? Sarita

Sarita: a nudge slot is one that will jump up or down to complete a win on the payline. These versions can be found with the word Deluxe in the version name-- i.e. Double Diamonds Deluxe.

Q. What other slots work like the Diamond Deluxe that, in this case, the diamond symbol moves to the playline after the spin is finished? TC

TC: It's all in the word "Deluxe" for you have found a nudge slot. Look for that one great word in any slot name and you should get that extra feature.

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