I received two questions about the RNG and Beverly’s question above. See answers below.

Q.  I was surprised by your answer to Beverly's question as to whether or not the repeat jackpot would have occurred if she had put in two or three coins instead of the one she put in. 
I have always been under the impression that the RNG determines the winning, or non-winning, combination as soon as the first coin is inserted, and that the payout is not determined until the final
coin is inserted and the Spin button is pressed.  Am I wrong? Gene.

Q.  One of your recent letters from a subscriber was answered in the manner that stated the number of coins inserted into a slot machine determined the payout combination not when the spin button was pushed.
A recent article stated that all newer machines are programmed so that the RNG does not stop on any combination until either the spin button is pushed or the handle is pulled.
On the surface, this appears to indicate that in the near future, at least, slot players will be faced with two different payout procedures. Given the thousands of machines that are in use, there will be no clear answer unless one can determine which are the new machines and which are the old. George.

George & Gene:
Gosh, there is a lot of G's rolling around this question :-).
To answer you both, here is what I wrote about this controversy many moons ago, in a previous newsletter:
"As to the ongoing controversy about when the result of a slot pull/spin is decided. Is it A) when the first coin is inputted or B) when the spin button/handle is pushed/pulled? Well, both are right, depending on who manufactured the slot and when.
For Older versions and some small manufacturers, the answer is A.
For Newer versions that are less than ten years old, (more likely), the answer is B.
While the answer is not crystal clear, it's always nice to say that both sides are right in any question.  Too bad we can't settle all the world's problems with two right answers." Further, I assumed, as is more likely in today's slot world that Beverly was playing on a newer version and answered her question with B as above.

Below is a two-part Q&A from two Gayles.
Gayle: I love the slots, and your informative reviews of slots are just what I was looking for. I was wondering if you had a review of Biloxi Casinos listed by name. We are headed back to New Orleans to play at Harrah’s, and of course want to stop in Biloxi on our way. Any information on those 2 areas? Gayle.

Gayle: Love that name and spelled 'the right way' too :-). MS casinos slot payouts are given by region and not by casino, so here's my best suggestion. You should know that New Orleans' payouts are generally lower than the rest of LA, but Harrah's is probably your best bet in that area. In Biloxi, I would try Grand, Isle of Capri and Casino Magic in that order. The Grand is known as a locals casino--always the best option.
Beau Rivage is the premier property in the area, but I always look askance at these types of properties for best slots because I don't want to pay for all that luxury. Similarly, I don't play slots on the Vegas strip. Lovely to look at, but not to play is my motto. Other casinos in the area are Boomtown, Imperial Palace, Palace, President and Treasure Bay. Gayle.

Gayle: Thank you so much for the quick response, you are sweet to take the time to outline those MS casinos that we will be stopping by on Saturday night before our final destination to New Orleans.
I like many others have searched the web for years now to find out as much as I possibly could on getting the most out of my slot play. Your site was the answer to all my quests and will look forward to receiving your bi-monthly newsletter. You're the Best, Gayle. But, I should have figured that, after all with a marvelous name like Gayle, it just goes with the territory, huh? ; ). Sincerely...the Other Gayle.


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