Slots FAQ's: Slots Strategies 5

Can you tell me about Tunica?  What's the best for slots and best for video poker? In Vegas, a friend of mine who used to play Jacks or Better in video poker now plays mostly Deuces Wild.  Is that a wise thing to do? Ed

Ed: I’m sure you already know that Tunica will not have as many full-pays as Nevada. However, try Hollywood, Gold Strike, Harrah’s and Fitz for quarter 9/6's Jacks+ and slots. Also, Grand Casino has a large slot selection. There are no 9/5 Deuces or 10/7 Double Bonus in the area that I know of.
As to your Vegas friend, yes, it is a wise move if he/she is playing 9/5 full-pay Deuces with a 100%+ overall average payback and optimum play, while Jacks+ 9/6 pay 99.54%. However, either of these is a good choice, especially when played with a slot card.

Q.  I was wondering what your opinion is of the Triple Play VP machines?  I got hooked on them last year and actually hit a royal at the Hilton and another one at the Aladdin on the nickel machines.  Do you think the odds are better playing the single hand VP machines or the multiple hand machines?  Thanks, Gene

Gene: I, too like to play Triple Pay, however, it's only a better deal if you can locate full-pay versions. Not easy to find--even in Vegas.

Q. My wife and I live in Florida and visit the Mississippi Gulf Coast casinos about 6-8 times a year. I noticed many of the slots are now multi-denomination, 25, 50 and 1.00.
My question is, typically a 25-cent machine will have a lower payout percentage than $1.00 machines.
Yet in a single machine with all three denominations available is the little brain inside making that distinguishing change when you play up?
If not then are you getting a better break at 25 cents play (that would be a first) or getting hurt by playing dollars? Could this be just another gimmick for the casinos to lower overall payout like with the 5 cent
($ 2.25 +) multi line/bonus  machines?  McKeough.

MKeough: Yes, there is a 'little brain' in the multi-denoms for each denomination. Therefore, if you are playing dollars for that particular version, the payouts should be higher.

Q.  I am a one coin player most of the time as I go on the bus and am there five hours, which, unless you hit a jackpot, is hard to hold on to your money. I have hit so many jackpots on one coin and of course did not get them.
Yesterday, I was nearly broke and playing one,  hit a jackpot and collected 400 coins. I continued to play one as I had three more hours until the bus came and within a few spins the same thing came up.
Yes, I felt a little ill. So here is my question.
Would the same combination come up even if I had played two or three coins? We have a big disagreement on that on the bus. Also the people who work at the casino, some have told me if you had put in two or three coins it may not have hit. Maybe they were just trying to make me feel good. Beverly.

Beverly: To answer your question, your friends are right. In the time it took to put in 1 or 2 more coins, the RNG could come up with a different combination. The RNG moves so quickly that seconds can change a combination and because every selection is random, back-to-back jackpots are possible.

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