Slots FAQs: Slots Strategies 4 (Cont.)

Q.  My question relates to Progressive/Mega Slots that are linked either within a casino or externally in various casinos. Is the Jackpot triggered from the RNG within each individual machine or is there an external "jackpot selector" that triggers the winning combination and the machine that it will hit on?
The problem I'm having a hard time with, is that the popular big dollar progressives have a variety of games you can play. As an example, let's use Wheel of Fortune. You can play WOF on a mix of games within a casino. I've seen them as Double Diamond, Triple Diamond, Five Times Pay, Ten Times Pay, Red White and Blue, etc.
Obviously, these individual games all have differing odds and/or hit frequencies. Therefore, how are players given an equal chance at 'hitting the big one' even though they are playing games that have a wide variance in odds and hit frequency? Bob

Bob: Each game has a separate RNG and I confirmed my answer with IGT. Their reply follows:
IGT answer: Yes, each individual game has its own Random Number Generator, which independently determines the game outcome. For the Wheel of Fortune dollar games, each game on the wide area progressive link has equal odds of winning the top award.

Q.  Thanks for all your info on the casino world. I am a 50-year-old woman and I live in Canada, I have never been to Vegas or any of the really big casinos. My question is in Canada we have just had a big overhaul of nickel machines and everyone seems to be playing them they are also video type machines, could you tell me your opinion on nickel machines or even the quarter machines that are video?
On the quarter machines, some take 9-15 quarters times 1-5 lines. I wish I could find a method that could help me to win only enough to go back with because I know I will never be a big winner but I do so much enjoy getting out and playing the games. Joanne.

Joanne: First, let's go with nickels and no more than 9 lines to stretch our gambling bankroll.  Be sure to activate all paylines, but play 1 or 2 nickels per line, therefore 18 nickels is not a huge bet. Build up your credits and play max coins occasionally. Set a goal and when you reach that amt, cash out and have sweet dreams :-)

Q.  I play slots and like the 5x and 10x payout types the most even though the percentage payout is less.
When you do hit with one of the multiples occasionally, it really counts. Could you tell me which is more advantageous to play: Dollar slot-2 coins-5x machine
50 cent-2 coins-10x machine
Certainly enjoy your columns and good advice!  Phil

Phil: both choices sound tempting. I tend to lean towards the dollar 5X but here's a suggestion.
Take an equal amount and play both, and then determine which was the biggest winner.
I would try this test in three casinos and/or three different days and analyze for a trend.
Q.  What 25-cent slot machine has the highest pay table? Pat.

Pat: It depends on the casino and the type of machine. For progressives, it's usually the Wheel of Fortune.
If you're are talking about 'flat top' or straight slots that have a constant jackpot, I would look for 5X or 10X pay machines and check out the top award--usually 15,000 coins +.
In a third category, the multi-line bonus slots top jackpot can be as high as 100,000 coins with all lines in play at max. bet.


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