Slots FAQ's: Slots Strategies 4

Q.  We go to Tunica a couple of times a year, can you recommend where the best nickel, quarter and dollar slots are.
And where are the best comp deals there? We have played at just about all of the casinos, but some never send us anything. The places we play most are Sheraton and Goldstrike.
They never send us anything much. Just room specials usually. I have all your slots books and love getting your newsletters! Melinda

Melinda: It is so tough to recommend just one or two casinos as the payouts are based on the entire area not specific casinos as they report in the Midwest and Nevada. I would pick a day of the week and just play at one casino, keep records and when you have visited them all, narrow it down to 2 or 3 better ones.
I did want you to be aware that often the Gulf Coast area will have higher payouts than Tunica, so there is a difference even within the state.
As far as comps, rather than wait for a mailing, I would visit the promotion booth at each casino that you are a card member and ask for their latest promotion or if not a member, sign up for free card. Often, casinos don't do mailings but promotions are available inside the casino.

Q. Love your newsletter. I was wondering what machine would be good to play at Arizona Charlies in LV. I like Deuces and RW&Blue. Liz

Liz: Good choices, but I would change the casino. A short distance from AZ Charlie's is the Fiesta and across the street Texas Station. In my opinion, they offer better slot payouts. AZ's has recently downgraded their slot payouts and I have noticed the difference playing at both casinos. .

Q. Are there any consistent differences in the slots on cruise ships vs. Vegas or AC?  Are there books that discuss strategies that are more appropriate for cruise ship slots (or cruise ship casinos in general)? RGS.

RGS: Whoa! is there a difference, in that cruise ship payouts are way lower than anywhere else. Keep in mind, that you are a 'captive' audience on a ship, no competition. There are little if any gaming
regulations, so payouts at 70% or lower are common.
Therefore, my best strategy would be to play the table games, where depending on the house rules, at least you have a fighting chance. If you must play slots, I would stay with nickels and not stay too long.

Q. Any advice on the advantages/disadvantages of the various styles of Jacks-or-Better video poker?  For instance, you have "double-double," "triple-double," etc. and then just plain.  Which would you play and why? Ed

Ed: Like everything in VP, it depends on the pay schedules and if you are playing in Nevada.
For the three versions, you gave me I would choose plain Jacks or better, IF you get 10 for 2 pair and it is 9/6. Although the top payouts for double double and triple double are much better, the overall payout is not.
The best version of Jacks+ is double bonus with 10/7 pay schedule and 100% payback whereas plain Jacks+ is 99.54%, but with comps you can do better on both of these versions.

Q.  I have a sincere, but strange question. I have won playing 10-7 full pay Double Bonus Video Poker. If I told you, I have won 7 straight trips (51 out of 58 winning days) in Vegas, would you say this is
A) Impossible. B)Very Very Lucky or C) Simply a Hot Streak?
I play at least 11 hours a day. I'd like to hear any comments. Curt.

Curt: First, Congrats on your win. I would say this is a hot streak and I have had several, especially with this version. Just be sure, you are insulated against that 'cold streak'. 


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