Slots FAQ's: Slots Strategies 2 (Cont.)

Q. I first want to say that I enjoy your news on slots and that it was about time to find a report that does not favor one or the other. My question is whether casinos could control your play with the club card that they so dearly want us to have.  My wife and I are keen slot players in the $1 and $5 denominations. Chris.

Chris: Re: club cards--it does not make any difference to the slot and/or the casino whether you use the cards. The program for points accumulated is a different program from that which determines payout. Therefore, rack up those points for freebies.

Q. What do you think of a two-dollar slot called Candy Bar at Foxwoods?
I had the good luck of hitting the jackpot--3 Candy Bars on the payline. But, has been very tight ever since then. Should I keep trying this machine? Frank.

Frank: First off, love the idea of a 'Candy Bar' slot--will have to add that one to my list. If you have tried several times and come away empty-handed, I would begin a new search for loose slots. Start with the basic, single-payline dollar slots until you build up some cash before going after the bigger jackpots for a while. That way, you can stretch your gambling bankroll and still enjoy the 'casino experience'.

Q. Grand Victoria in IL payout %’s for slots has been 92.1 for quarters, 93.3 for fifty cents, 94.9 for dollars and 96.3 for five-dollar slots. Based upon these percentages for the month, would you recommend testing the five-dollar slots? As for the quarter slots (my fave) would a good strategy be 9 lines 5 quarters per line? Which is your favorite Illinois Casino?  Joanna.

Joanna: You have made a good choice with Grand Victoria, always-good payouts. Also, try Casino Queen and Alton Belle. Re: the denomination to play--that really depends on your bankroll. I would start with your 'fave' quarters and take your winnings up a bit at a time to dollars and then test those $5. As for multi-lines, again, considering your bankroll, activate all the paylines but 1 or 2 coins/line until you build your bankroll. 

Q. I never thought I would actually hear from you. I am a regular player at Belterra Casino in IN. I have had some profitable sessions there. But, I do lose and just want to be more in control of how I play my $$. I don't care for the quarters at all, but you say at least to start there? I'll try. I am going up to Belterra. Any strategy for me? Ruthan.

Ruthan: I would look for 'certified' slots that guarantee a 98%+ payback run as promotions in certain casinos. These slots are usually dollars. As you are in the area, I would try Argosy and Grand Victoria, both of which offer higher payouts than Belterra. Of course, you should sign up for the slot clubs at all locations.

Q. If a machine starts to win and hits a jackpot should you stay with that machine?  Ron.

Ron: I always suggest that you try 3-5 max. spins after a jackpot win. I watched a lady hit two top jackpots of $1500 each quickly on a Sizzling Sevens at the Fiesta the other night.

Q. We have had a lot of luck this year at the slots but we have come to that part of not quitting when ahead. I have noticed playing the 5 times and double double diamonds that when you start hitting with cherries quite often, then a mid size payoff is just around the corner. Also, it seems like you have to invest quite a bit to hit these types. Any truth in that assumption? And any other advice concerning the above would be appreciated. Bill.

Bill: Keep in mind that the higher the top jackpot, the fewer times it will be hit--more mid-size jackpots paid out. I suggest that you search out basic slots that have a $1000-$1500 top jackpot to begin--spend less and hit the 'top of the tree' instead of 'branches'. Happy hunting.


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