Slots FAQs: Slots Strategies 2

Q. I just finished reading your books. I have the following questions: Bonus Video Slots, multiple coins--how many coins should you play, for example - Reel 'Em In, also when the bonus screens comes up, which of the five fisherman characters do you usually select?

Bob: Try 1-2 coins/line to activate all lines and build your jackpot, then occasional max coin bet is not so risky. Re: five fishers – as this is a random choice by the program, it then becomes a random choice by you.

Q. You recommend playing the three reel slots 3-5 times and if no payoff to move on. If this machine pays off with these pulls how much of a payoff would warrant continuing? Also, you recommend three pulls after a payoff for a repeat win, how much of a win would warrant staying with this machine? BM

BM: If your money was returned, I would stay longer, however you have to set a stop-win and loss depending on your bankroll. When you hit these limits, take a break or move on. After a repeat win - I try 3-5 max spins, if no return, I move on, but again, that's up to you and your bankroll.

Q. Comps - Excellent idea about using same card with two players--this will work for us due to four will be going on this trip. The question I have is - Does the casino know that the same card #, name, is playing at the same date and time? EC

EC: Probably, but they don't care because you are playing in their house and that's all they want.

Q. What is a dyed-in-the-wool '50-something' supposed to do when she grew up playing only reel dollar slots like Double Diamonds, etc., and now doesn't have the nerve to sit down at a 9-line video slot because she doesn't want to look foolish?  They seem so complicated, although I know they must not be!
Is there a site to learn the basics of these machines? It is not the 45 nickels per round that scares me, it is the stupidity!  I'm taking my Mom to A.C. next month and would love to use this trip to ‘practice.’ Suzanne

Suzanne: Help is at hand. I have reviewed hundreds of video slots and I suggest you start with familiar names like Monopoly, Reel 'Em In, Piggy Banking and read the help menu that will explain what symbols pay out and how much. Also be sure to activate all the paylines (start out with 5 payline versions--cheaper to play) but play 1 or 2 coins/line until you build a jackpot and then you can risk a 25 max. play with 5 lines or 45 with 9 lines.
Most people don't always know how they won or how they got to the bonus round--so throw the 'stupidity label' out the window and dive in. 
Atlantic City has the Betty Boop slots located everywhere that are very popular in several versions, try those with your mom.  BTW, there is nothing wrong with playing those DD's dollars--a good strategy to play with 'the familiar and comfortable' to truly enjoy your casino experience.


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