Slots FAQs: Slots Strategies 1 (Cont.)

Q. I have read some of your articles about loose slots, I live in Canada and was wondering if the tips you have outlined are useful here at the casinos in Canada? Thanks, Carl

Carl: Yes, you can use the same strategies; however do not expect the higher payouts of a Nevada casino in Canada.

Q. Are quarter slots tighter? How much bankroll should one start with for quarter slots? Joel.

Joel: the higher denominations ($1+) will pay out more percentage-wise; however, you require a larger bankroll. As far as quarters bankroll, it can be from the low end of $200 to $1000+ depending on your comfort level. I suggest you begin with quarters and move up only with your winnings.

 Q. I love slots, though, I usually lose. This is my new plan. I will only spin 7 times on a machine. If it hasn't paid out, I move on. I never have much money to play on, so I really want to make my money last and maybe win some! $100 is about what I take into a casino. I tend to stick to the quarter slots, and fool with the 50 cents and dollars occasionally. If YOU only had $100, what would your plan be? We will probably be in a casino in Biloxi MS or Casino Niagara. Thank you for your time. Linda.

Linda: First, I would choose Biloxi, MS over Niagara for better paying slots.
Start with the basic, single line slots-- DDiamond, TripleD, RWB 7's and Blazing 7's.

Q.  I have been reading your advice on playing the slots. I would like to know while playing a machine, should I cash out every time I win? Does that have any effect on the machine? Do you think that using your players’ card in the machine has any effect on winning? Cindy

Cindy: When you cash out every time, it does not affect the machine but it sure affects your bankroll and that's the reason you do it. After any win, I suggest you try 3-5 more max spins and make the decision whether to stay or move on. Also, set a stop-limit on when you cash out, (i.e. at 300 credits you cash out--or whatever amount you determine). A slot card does not change anything as far as payouts; however, the big plus is that you are gathering points towards freebies that you can add to your gambling bankroll.

Q. Heading for Sunny Vegas, how are progressives determined to pay out? Is there a certain jackpot, or certain number of spins, and how is it determined what casino it hits in? Is it all random or does any of the above play into it. Thanks for any advice you can give. Jeanette.

Jeanette: Random is the key word here, therefore the payout, casino location, # of spins are not pre-determined nor could be. There is a superstition among Vegas locals that Mega-jackpot progressives hit after new casinos open, but that has been disproved by the two giant wins at the Desert Inn and Palace Station--go figure? I would suggest that you not begin your slots experience with progressives, but with basic slots to build your bankroll, as progressives require a larger bankroll and some payouts are as low as 80%.

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