Slots FAQ's: Slots Payouts 2 (Cont.)

Q.  I am in Canada and play at racetrack slots.  I have been playing quarter machine called Silver and Gold. I won a few jackpots on it and it seems to have stopped paying. I'm just curious if they might have adjusted it so it doesn't pay as much anymore. These are run by the Ontario Lottery Commission. Ivan

Ivan: There are strict gaming regulations and it is time-consuming to change payouts, so it probably has not been changed. Are you sure it was the same machine and the same number? Most casinos place slots on and off the floor frequently. If it is the same, time to start the search for another loose slot.

Q. Nobody seems able to tell me what the slot and video poker payoffs are in the State Washington Indian Casinos.  I am especially interested in the Muckleshoot Casino and the Emerald Queen Casino.  Bob.

Bob: I know the feeling, but unless reporting is mandatory in the gaming compact between WA and Indian casinos, they do not have to report. I understand that currently these two groups are 'at odds' in your state, which makes it even tougher. I can suggest that you try calling the two casinos and ask for the slot or casino manager who should be able to answer your questions. 

Q. Why doesn't anyone say anything about slots in Wheeling Downs, WV? I have been to a lot of different places and I have seen more winners there than any other place I have been. Sheila.

Happy to hear about winning, however, don’t look for slot payouts for WV as this is another state this is not mandated to report payouts.

Q. Does Grand Casino, Coushatta, Louisiana have a good slot payout? Joel

Joel: In reply to your question, the good news is that LA does report their payouts. The bad news is that it is by region/area only and not by specific casinos. Grand Coushatta is in the Lake Charles area and of the four reporting areas in the state; this area is generally at the bottom of the better payouts listing. Baton Rouge area is usually at the top of the list most months. Now, the decision is yours.

Q. Two questions from Kim about MS casinos:
     1) Gayle: What are you hearing these days on the slot play at the casinos in Lula, MS and Tunica, MS?  Several friends & I are headed there and would like to know where to go for the best payout and what machines to play for a likely win.
     2) Gayle: Thanks for answering so quickly!  How about Greenville, Mississippi?  I think the Jubilee and the Lighthouse are still open there. Are they paying on anything? Which one is the best casino in that town? Kim

     1) Kim: As far as the best slots, start with single payline dollars. Secondly, I would choose these casinos: Lula: there's really only the Isle of Capri. Tunica: Grand, Hollywood, Harrah's and Gold Strike in that order.
     2) Kim: Here's my theory on smaller casino areas. If you have a choice between a larger gaming venue like Tunica and small, e.g., Lula-Greenville, take your chances on the more competitive and larger casino selection in Tunica. You want to play in an area where the competition is fierce enough to bring up the slot payouts. I can't tell you which casino in Greenville is better because casinos in MS do not report individual casino slot payouts, only by region. I can only say that Jubilee is larger, but that may not mean better.


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