Slots FAQ's: Slots Payouts

Do you have any slot stats for Primadonna resorts on the CA/NV border on I-15? Would include Primm Valley, Buffalo Bill's & Whiskey Pete's? Larry.

Larry: I have heard good news about these locations as they strive to compete with Vegas. Happy travelin'.

Q. I am a new subscriber and I love your online information. I have a couple of questions for you. Where do I find about the payout percentages for Reno? Where are the best places to play there? I notice information on Las Vegas; unfortunately, I live some 10 hours away by car and don't fly much any more, so I go to Reno when it comes to gaming. Do you have info on Reno you can share with me? Jackie.

Jackie: I used to tell readers to head downtown, but now Atlantis and Peppermill are at the top of my 'favorites list'.

Q. Could you tell me under which casino location of the slots payback percentage info, Wendover would be included in?  Steve.

Steve: Wendover is a 'class onto itself'--close to the Utah border but north enough for Reno. You would have to compare with Reno percentages, although this smaller venue would not come close to the Reno higher payouts. Of course, the competition is everywhere in Reno, while not so in Wendover.
You are still within the 90's, but higher values are to be found north and west, young man.

Q. I like to play a single line slot machine, namely the triple double machine, secondly the triple diamond. The triple double seems to pay less, then all of a sudden, the machines pay. Do you have any stats on these machines? I play at a casino in Kinder, LA and it seems that all have been tightened since the Indians have taken over management. Any advice would be appreciated. Joel

Joel: Both the double and triple versions are good plays. Some in Vegas can payout as high as 98%. As far as LA casinos, I would suggest you move over to Mississippi to play for better choices and payouts, although not as high as Vegas. Gayle.

Has anyone done any payback percentages on the Mich. Indian Casinos? I live near the Soaring Eagle Casino in Mt. Pleasant, MI. The slots are really tight. But, how tight are they? I do not know.
Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thom.

Thom: there is no required reporting in MI, although in the beginning, I heard they were planning to, but no one seems to be pushing for it. I believe that the three Detroit casinos have looser machines because of the competition.
I always gauge slot payouts--loose or tight by competition nearby. Does Soaring Eagle have competition within 50 miles? If not, where's the incentive to have loose slots?
You have to ask yourself this question: "Will I find better slot payouts by traveling a little further or flying to Vegas?” I had one reader say that they could have gone to Vegas twice with the money lost at the nearby Louisiana casinos.


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