Slots FAQ's: Slots Payouts (Cont.)

Q. It seems that the payout percentages listed on your site consistently list the casinos of North Las Vegas and the Boulder Strip as having the best payouts in the Las Vegas area.
And you have, of course, said this many times in your columns. Was wondering if you might do an article, or even just simply list which properties in these areas are your favorites?
Which have the largest selection/quantity on the casino floor; generally, which properties would be the best bet all around?  Richard.

Richard: In Vegas, the largest selection of slots is found on the Strip, and you know I don't play there.
However, I can give you my favorites and what I consider the 'best bet all around'.
You are correct, in that in the past North Vegas has had the bragging rights, but I have noticed of late that Boulder Highway is running a close race.
With being a Video Poker player also, I have found that if VP is full-pay, then the slots are loose too.
I have listed my favorites in order and not all are in one area.

1) Fiesta Rancho (north-west Vegas)
2) Rampart (formerly Regent--north-west Vegas)
3) Palms (off strip at Flamingo)
4) AZ Charlies - Decatur (west)
5) Fiesta Henderson
6) El Cortez (downtown)
7) Boulder Station (Boulder Highway)
8) Sam's Town (Boulder Highway)
9) Union Plaza (downtown)
10) Main Street Station (downtown)
All the above have great slot club card benefits, promotions and good eats at reasonable prices.

Q. I have a question about the reported payouts I see in your newsletter. I do study the payout schedules you post, however, I always wonder when it says slot payouts, are they including video poker machines with the reel slots? North Las Vegas is dominated by video poker machines. Is North Las Vegas the best place to sit down in front of a Double or Triple Diamond machine?
When I'm in North Las Vegas, do I really have a better chance on the reel slots?
I would also like to comment on something else that came to me while reading your sister’s report of her fruitful trips to casinos. I've been in her seat a few times when those reels stop and you can't help but shout with excitement for hitting a jackpot. When I see that happen to someone else, I always go out of my way to walk over and congratulate them with a pat on the back and a comment like ‘good job’, or ‘nice one’.
I remember a few times being in that seat and seeing the person next to me give me the look of death as if I just took their life savings. I hate that feeling and that's why I always go out of my way to congratulate a winner. Of course the pat on the back is sincere but you never know when a little of their luck will rub off. I'm sure I'll get to congratulate a few winners in Vegas. Wish me luck. Glen.

Glen: You are correct; the slot payout percentages do include slots and video poker, plus keno--all machines. I would still head to NW Las Vegas for a better bet.
I agree a pat on the back to all winners is a very good thing. And...lots of good luck to you.


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