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This group of articles is titled: Slots Q&A. It is a collection of Readers Questions and Comments with answers provided by Gayle Mitchell, Editor of Casino Players Ezine.

Q. Thank you for a great newsletter. Sometime ago I read in a gaming magazine that when a casino advertises about a certain percentage payout, they are not forced to have this on all machines, but only on one machine throughout the whole casino. Is this true or how does it really work? Peter.

Peter: Yes, that is right. The majority of casinos advertise 'up to 98% payback' which can mean that only one machine is programmed for that high % and the casino will still be within 'the rules of advertising'.
You may also find a bank or carousel of 8-12 slots that advertise a high payback but I suggest to my readers that you ask the slot host if ‘ALL those machines advertised will payback as advertised or just one'. 
You can determine your next move based on the reply.
Q. How do casinos share in the payout for Megabucks winners? Lydia

Lydia: Megabuck winners are paid by the slot mfg--IGT. The casinos receive a share of the revenue going through the machines, but the larger revenue share goes to IGT who in turn pays out all winning jackpots.

Q. They say that the spin of a slot is random -- if that's the case why are there so many close near misses? Also, they would have us here in Alberta, Canada believe that the machines pay back 92% -- it sure doesn't seem that way. Gary.

Gary: The reason there are so many near misses is that the blanks or ‘almost’ winning combinations are programmed to come up more often, therefore you see them more; still selected randomly. It does not indicate, as some players believe, that the winning jackpot is about to hit.

Q. I was wondering if you could tell me if the slot machine payouts are really random because in a previous newsletter, the Argosy General Manager Kinser said, "He makes sure his casino comes in first every year".  If they really are random, how can he "make sure"?  Robin.

Robin: Remember, it's the casino that tells the slot mfg. what payout percentage they want for each slot, so I assume this GM had asked for higher payouts on certain slots (specifically dollars) to maintain their title.
This higher payout does not change the fact that the combinations selected are still random within the total program payout.

Q. Am really interested in the locations of the casinos with the best payouts in Vegas, particularly the video poker. In that regard, could you explain to me what is meant by "a full pay" machine, in particular as regards to a Deuces Wild machine?  Thanks, Paul.

Paul: a 9/5 Deuces Wild full pay schedule reads nine coins for a straight flush and 5 coins for four of a kind under the 1 coin payout line. See information below for best VP Vegas payouts.


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