Slots Players' guide to comps (part II)

More complimentary tips:

Ask, and ask again nicely if you are compable.

Make friends with the slot host. Ladies are more competent with the male slot hosts, if you get my drift?
The average comp value method is: average bet x hands per hour x hours played x casino advantage x 40% = comp value.

Table players should ask the pit boss at start of play to be rated. Usually after four hours of compliance - you’re good to comp.

A $25 bet blackjack player at 60 hands/hour would receive approximately $48 in casino comps after completing four hours of play.

Many casino gamblers, especially video poker players, don’t realize the additional gain of turning a negative machine into a positive–over 100% payback. For example, Jacks+ 9/6 machines with optimum strategy pays back 99.54%. With comp card cash rebates and points mounting as you pass each coin through these machines, the redeemable value is pushed over 100%, more for double and triple points.

Casino personnel are usually not knowledgeable about the number of points required for freebies etc., so it’s up to you to call the toll free number of your favorite casinos for updated information. Contact casino marketing or Events Manager. Ask for total points accumulated, the redeemable value, upcoming special promotions, especially double or triple point days.

This is an incomparable advantage of an active member’s dreams. Of course, two people together can reach their freebie goal faster.

As you are signing on with a favorite casino, do not sign on at the same time because two separate compartment cards are in order here.

One companion should join first without the second name, requesting two cards. Play together on this account and on a subsequent visit, companion number 2 signs up the same way. Therefore, two separate accounts bring two separate offers for free rooms, special offers and tournaments from your favorite gambling house. This method allows on your next trip to make reservations for your free room offer, back-to-back for a longer stay. This may take two phone calls using each separate slot club account.

Remember during playing times to use the same person’s account whose comp offer is being redeemed then switch over for the remainder of your stay.

It’s a common miscompception among gamblers that you must lose to qualify for comps. Not true. Casinos want your time in their establishment - win or lose– just use those cards.

Tracking your points is based on all monies put through machines whether you are dropping coins or playing off your credits.

It should be noted that slots players are rewarded more points because they lose more money than video poker players do.

Participate in a companion run in Nevada, Atlantic City or Mississippi hitting at least five casinos with slots cards in hand or joining as you go and collect all the freebies offered. Relax after a fun day paying for dinner with the money saved during your adventure.

My best advice is look UP: at the neon signs or in the casinos windows. That’s where they advertise their best games, best payouts–all compliments of the house.

Casinos have huge advertising budgets–TV, radio, print. Find out what the latest promotion is at your favorite casinos and take them up on their offers. Talk to the locals at the big 3 gambling venues, Nevada, Atlantic City and Mississippi. Ask about any good promotions or compensation.

Don’t forget your card at the casino games. Attaching a card to you is a good idea. Yes, I’m the one with the colorful twisted cord attached to my slot card and fanny pack. I have lost my composure and nearly a vital body part at times when forgetting my card.

Finally, wager management should also be part of your complete education. I suggest a separate gaming bank account and don’t play any game just for comps. In comparison, though, a reduction in the cost of play increases your gambling bankroll.


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