SLOTS Q&A – Readers’ Comments 2

Now it's Al's turn:

Gayle: I have been a slot player at Tunica MS for about 10 years. I have noticed a trend at all casinos in that they appear looser at certain hours and on certain days of the week.
Can the slot machine payout be changed/altered by the house management at their discretion at any given time?
We play double diamond $1, $5, and $25. I have seen the entire house just go ice cold in what appears to be a controlled situation.
Is there any truth to the rumor that the House can turn the slot machines off and on at their discretion? Al.
Al: I know it sure seems like this is happening, but there is a long process to change slots' payouts and it cannot be done simply by 'flipping a switch'. Gayle.

I really enjoy your newsletter. Your recent reply about Sizzlin’ 7 slots reminded me of one of my favorite casino ‘horror stories.’ Several years ago, a gentleman playing next to me hit 3 Sizzlers and wondered why he did not receive a payout. I carefully explained to him that the jackpot was only paid if the player was fully activating all slots features--in the case, three quarters, or 75 cents. Can you guess what happened next? He put in another quarter and again hit 3 Sizzlers--back to back.
He saved $1.00 and, if my memory serves correctly, lost $600 in the process!
Yet another ‘horror story.’ Our local casino, Royal River in Flandreau, SD had its second $1,000,000+ payout on the Wheel of Fortune progressive slots (same machine) during the past year. The casino has a bank of four Wheel of Fortune slot machines, backed by four Jeopardy slot machines--all, of course, progressive slots.
Time and again, I'll walk around the bank and see not a single one of the eight players playing maximum coin. Floor attendants have told me that they have seen the jackpot hit several times, but not paid because gamers were not playing the max.  Incredible! Fritz.
Fritz: Oh, the horror! Thanks for your ‘scary’ input. Gayle.

Gayle: I have just returned from Mississippi where I go on occasion to do my share of casino support. Enough of that, anyway I was playing video poker while waiting for a drawing to happen when along came 4 to the royal. My wife was standing by so I called her over noting I have never gotten the royal on anything except a 50 hand game (neither had she and several other people standing around watching and waiting for me to push the button).
I waited and I won. A fun story since there was a bunch of people hanging around waiting as we were for a give away car drawing. My wife wasn't too quiet about the possibility so a number of people were sitting back waiting in anticipation, followed by much applause.
You know how everybody stops when the "Wheel of Fortune” chant goes off and watches and waits.
To finally get around the block, the question is: When did the little brain make up its mind to give it to me, after I selected but before I actually pushed the button (several minutes passed, building anticipation) or when the 4 came up in the first place. I guess I'm just curious if it was already there or was the wait worthwhile. Mike
Mike: If you listen real close, you can hear my applause, also :-). Gayle.
P.S. Here's how I knew about the waiting strategy. I read that the cards are still shuffling before you hit the 'deal' button on most VP versions and eventually the card you want is there, but knowing how long to wait--there's the rub!
I often will do a bit of waiting myself even when dealt three-of-a-kind, especially Aces. In addition, if I am getting a 'string of losing hands', I will sit back and wait before resuming.
There is nothing scientific about this strategy, but we do what works to avoid giving our 'casino support' donation.

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