SLOTS FAQ's: Miscellaneous 2

Gayle: I look forward to your newsletter and always save it for last, dessert fashion, in my long list of emails. I want to thank you especially for the link to the William's Gaming web site. I look at this slot manufacturer's web site periodically, just to get a glimpse of a machine logo or maybe hitting the jackpot and seeing pictures of familiar machines.
You see, I am a multi-line video slot junkie. I can't get enough of them. It started with the Aristocrat machines. I loved it taking five minutes to figure out what and why I had won. The new industry trend of more, better and, to my delight, more complicated to figure out, sends me reeling. When I went to the William's site, I was immediately transported to the gaming floor. I truly hope the other manufacturers follow suit and make me want to play their new games as much as I now want to play the William's games.
I live in Colorado and travel the four hours to Black Hawk often. I would really appreciate information about where I can find these great games. Bobbi.

Bobbi: I would continue to check the slot mfgs. websites. Generally, new slots are placed in Vegas and Southern California. BTW, the Williams gaming site is:    

Q. I am new to your site and I just wanted you to know that this last weekend my wife, two friends and I went to the Edgewater in Laughlin. I had made crimp cards about the information that you are sharing on your site.  I was very meticulous to follow all the rules in reference to what slots and how much to play. 
I just want you to know that we brought home with us $2500. and we did Ask Ask Ask for comps and we ate free all week long.  Thank you very much for sharing your insight.  We really needed the money. George & Maria.

George & Maria: Congrats on your ‘educated win’. 

Q. Heard anything about a slot called "New York" (others in this series too, i.e. "San Fran", etc) made by Ballys Gaming? Thanks, JC

JC: I wrote the following review of these slots as below:
City Scapes: Tour six of the most exciting US cities with the City Scapes series of games. Available as linked progressives, they have elegant graphic styles with a top award that resets at  40,000 coins. Choice of two different paytables with the same probability of a top hit.  Linked games are able to support larger prize awards than basic slots. The cities represented are: New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami, Chicago and New Orleans. They are not available everywhere and not as popular as Wheel of Fortune Progressives, but a 'fun' choice.

Q. I hope you can find out the answer to my query. In the Midwest, all slot machine jackpots exceeding $1199.00 are reported with one of those nasty little tax forms.
If I put in 3-dollar coins and win $1200, I have actually won $1197.00, the $1200 less my 3-dollar wager. The same situation would hold true for a $5, 10 and 25 machines. What is the rule?
For the $1 machines, I would think the tax form should be for all jackpots over $1202.00. What is the accurate interpretation of this policy?

Nadine: The tax form trigger is based on the actual amount paid out by the casino and they are bound to follow the tax rules or lose their license.
I have an example; I was sitting beside a lady who hit a progressive jackpot that was $1199.45. The casino rounded the payout up to an even $1200 and she was asked for ID to write up the tax form.
She and I protested but to no avail, as the casino had to follow the tax rule for $1200.
It sure would be nice if we could deduct the amount we put into a machine before hitting from our winnings, but the taxman would not agree.

Q. First off, you have a fantastic publication. The rant about having to file a W2G is really a moot point.  All that one needs to do at tax time is declare the W2G income and declare an equal amount in gambling losses.  This is an easy thing to do because most all casinos will provide a win/loss record for members of their players clubs at the end of the year.  Even without an 'official' record from a casino, I have never been questioned when declaring losses that were equal to my W2G win.
Most people fear having to fill out the info for a W2G, but take it from me and my personal experience.
Just declare the loss and it is a wash.  There is NO tax consequence. I just LOVE to have those W2Gs pile up so that I can declare the loss and watch the IRS go hunting for all the unsuspecting taxpayers who
do not realize that gambling losses are deductible up to the amount that has been won (Declared on a W2G).
There are few comforts in life that are as heart warming as having to pay taxes because it means that you are making money. LV Gambler

LVGambler: I agree with you EXCEPT you can only deduct winnings if you itemize on your tax return. Unless you have high enough winnings to take the itemize option, you have to bite the tax bullet.

Q. Are we allowed to track our own wins and losses in a diary while we're sitting and playing on slot machines? I ask this because at one casino a slot change person ran up behind me while I was
noting my coin in & out and when I left he stated, "never mind". Do they mind people making notes about their machines? Daniel.

Daniel: Certainly not. This is not illegal. As a matter of fact, it's a good idea to keep a record.

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