SLOTS FAQ's – Miscellaneous 1

This group of articles is titled: Slots FAQ's. It is a collection of Readers Questions and Comments with answers provided by Gayle Mitchell, Editor of Casino Players Ezine.

This article is Part 1 of Miscellaneous Questions.

Q. Have you done a review of a newer game called Cash Crop? I recently played it in Vegas (nickel machine) and thought it was the best I've ever played. It had a lot going on and I loved the graphics and extras. Gail

Gail: First off, love your e-mail address of gailvegas. I was planning to do this version soon, so why not right now.
Cash Crop: Wacky farmyard symbols such as Farmer Brown, a ladybug, gopher and various veggies supply the entertainment on this bonus game. There is a wild "watering pail" symbol on the third reel plus a bonus feature. Three or more ladybugs scattered on the reels pay 10 times the bet rewarding a player with either 450 or 900 coins on this nine-line game. There are two second screen bonus events as you listening to "Green Acres" theme music. When two or more matching veggies appear on an active payline with the "County Fair" basket on the third reel, "Farmer Brown" begins to the county fair veggie contest.
You compete with four other farmers who hold closed burlap bags over their prized veggies as you select two contestants who pull their veggies out of their sacks and are awarded first, second or third place ribbons. The player is paid a bonus according to where Farmer Brown's veggie places in the contest. Three or more "Farmer Brown" symbols on an active payline trigger the second "Harvest Bonus" feature when you pick from seven veggies in a field before they are eaten by the gopher. All uneaten veggies account for a higher bonus. If you find a silver veggie, its value is doubled, a gold one will triple and if it rains, the entire crop automatically triples. You are sure to reap rewards with this slot.

Q. Does a large jackpot requiring a W2 have a time limit on when it should be paid? Doug

Doug: A W2 is issued for the tax year that the jackpot was won and therefore reported for that same year. If you are paid in yearly installments then each year payment received is reported. If you keep careful records, you can deduct losses up to winning amount. Taxing isn't it?

Q. I have become addicted to the 9 line nickel maximum coin slots in Atlantic City and have been quite successful on Monopoly, Yahtzee and Wheel of Fortune. Do any of the online casinos feature any of these slots? I play online for fun not cash. I enjoy your newsletter and will continue reading it. Barbara

Barbara: You will not find any of these versions online because of licensing agreements by slot manufacturers that provides for only land-based casinos.

Q.  When in Vegas, I played a bonus machine that I think was called Bang for the Buck.  It was a pig machine and when you got the bonus round, you went to the top screen and spun the wheel.  If it landed on a pig you got the bonus, if on a bomb, the round was over.  My question, are there any machines like this in Biloxi, Miss? Is so, where?  Betty.

Betty: I believe you are thinking about Big Bang Piggy Bankin' and any of the large Biloxi casinos, e.g., Grand, Isle of Capri, Beau Rivage should place them. I would call ahead before you go.

Q. I have a question about machines disappearing from the AC casinos. The Elvis machines are very popular and very hard to get a chance to play. Now all of the casinos in AC seem to be making Elvis disappear. There is one left at the Hilton, and people who also enjoy playing the Elvis machines tell me they cannot find him in the other casinos as well. The jackpot has not been won and it is up to over a million.
Do you have any insight on what is happening to these Elvis machines? Char

Char: I will refrain from any one-liners about 'him' disappearing, but the urge is there.
To answer your question, there could be a couple of explanations for the lack of Elvis sightings. They were moved out to make room for newer bonus versions, they were paying out too much or not being played to justify the expenditure. 

Q. Don't ever see much about Casino Windsor. We used to get food comps and room, but now it's hard to even get food comps and we have to go 4-5 times before we get a break on the room. You are so right about maxing out a slot. A month ago, I put $20 in a “Where's Henry?" nickel slot (played 45 nickels) and hit  45,350 nickels. Pay out of $2267.50. I was stunned as I'd never seen a nickel machine pay that much. The same day I hit $1750 on an Elvis machine with only a $20 investment.  A lucky streak for me as I've never hit over $300 there. Windsor slots are tight, so I couldn't believe it! We have heard that the Argosy comps well and slots are good. What do you hear? The Argosy isn't far from us.  Linda.

Linda: Congrats to you! The Argosy is one of the largest riverboats and always at the top of the list for slot payouts in Indiana. I would definitely try it and compare to Windsor. I suspect Argosy is better.

Q. Do you know where in Vegas, one could find the I.C. Money slots? I also ran an internet search for the people who make the machines -- figuring they could give me an exact list where those slots are located. But I think I need to know the name of the manufacturer. Would you happen to know it? Best, Charles.

Charles: Atronic makes IC Money. You will find them at Harrah’s and AZ Charlies in Vegas. I also suggest that you try MGM Grand and NYNY as they have a large selection of newer bonus slots.

Q. I have a question about slot host.  Do you tip them?  Do you give them gifts?  What is the best way to get the best service from your host? PB

PB: That depends on you and the service you received. If is was above and beyond with more than usual freebies, then a tip and gift is in order. If average, then tip only. For best service, call your slot host ahead of time and let them know what your preferences are--customize your visit.

Are you looking for spa benefits, specific dining, room preferences, etc

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