Slots Dictionary (Cont.)

Scatter Pays: Specific symbols of the slot game that pay even if the symbols are not on the same payline. Tip: Scatter Pays will pay only on a line that has been activated with a bet.

Second Screen Bonus: Video slot that takes the player to a second video screen bonus round after a certain combination(s) is hit.
Secondary Jackpots—Progressives: are displayed on smaller screens mounted below the big screen of the primary jackpot, and increase based on the number of coins played. 
These secondary jackpots are hit more frequently and will not payout as large a sum of money.

Select Lines: Select the number of paylines you want to bet on by clicking the ‘bet one’ button or the line number left or right of the reels. Example: when you click on line number 5, you also select lines 1-4.
Each click on the ‘bet one’ button selects one more line. Click Bet Max or line number 9 to select all paylines. Your total bet for the game round is line bet x number of lines selected.
Clicking bet max will spin the reels automatically.

Short Win: This happens all the time. A large jackpot is hit with a minimal cash outlay.
15 bucks gets you $1000’s. Now that’s a long win on a short chance.

Signature Slots: Casinos own brand of slots, generally looser creating the desired PR for the casino.
Slot Club Cards/Comps: Sign up for freebies and reap the benefits.

Slot Host: Casino employees who specialize in customer service and evaluating Players Card Member requests.

Tip: for best service, call the slot host ahead of time and state your preferences, thereby, customizing your visit. Are you looking for spa benefits, specific dining, room preferences, etc?

Slot Misconception: Players should play less than maximum coins until the machine starts to pay. This goes against basic slot-playing strategy and could be very costly to the player.
The RNG does not know if you are putting in one coin or three. You gain no advantage by trying to ‘pump or prime’ that slot for the jackpot, because you have no idea when that jackpot will be.

Slot Schedule: Posted information on front of slot tells you what type of slot, denomination, and symbol combination win amounts possible for each coin played. Required reading.

Slot Talk: Information traded between other players, change people and slot hosts to locate winning slots and improve your slots education.

Slot Testing: playing through a single roll of coins without using accumulated credits to determine possible payout % for selected slot.

Slot Tournament: Popular promotional event where players vie for cash prizes at specifically programmed slots.

Slot Types: Basic, Progressive and Bonus Slots are the three major types/categories of Slots.

Slots Drop/Hold: Drop: amount of money through the slot. Hold: amount not paid out as wins.
These two numbers determine a slots payout percentage. 

Sound of Rain: Coins dropping into the holder/well after a payout.

Spin: After making your bet and number of lines to activate with a bonus multi-line slot, you are ready to hit the spin button and await the results.

Symbols: There is an enormous inventory of slot symbols along with the traditional cherries, and 7s found on slot machines today and more to come adding to the entertainment of the game.
TITO--Ticket In, Ticket Out:  Players receives a printed receipt on cash out that can be played in other slot machines or cashed out.

Total Bet: determined by number of reels and/or lines activated for a slot game.

Up/Down Slot Cycle: Slot’s average payoff percentage rate applies over the long haul.   Therefore, a slot with a 98% payoff percentage rate will sometimes pay off at 130% and other times at 50%...sometimes at 28% and other times at 502%.  The lower percentages indicate a down cycle and the higher numbers an up cycle. Also known as Sizzling/Sputtering Slot.

Virtual Reel Technology: Computerized selection of reel results utilizing a system called Telnas. System assigns a series of different numbers within a program to a specific combination of reel symbols, thereby increasing the universe of numbers by which a game result is chosen by the random number generator. As you might imagine, the number of combinations within this system is massive

Wager Management: Monitoring your gambling bankroll. Tips: dividing bankroll into sessions, playing coin denomination within your bankroll and cashing out while ahead.

Well: Located at the bottom of slot machine where coins fall creating ‘the sound of rain’.

Wide Area Progressives: Slots linked in more than one casino, area or country. Progressive jackpot amount is displayed as the same $ amount at each machine regardless of location.

Wild Symbol Slot: Designated symbol for the slot that substitutes for a win in combination with other symbols on the payline. Double/Triple wild symbols multiply your win accordingly.
For bonus multi-line slots, three to five wild symbols usually awards the top jackpot.

Win!: This is what the game of slots is all about.  Check out the meter for mounting credits and a big slot win coming your way.

Winner Annuity: Jackpots, usually over $500,000 paid out in installments over 20 years, however, player may receive instant cash with approximately 50% reduction in prize award.

Winner Instant: On-the-spot jackpots rather than installments over 20 years. These Instant Winners are usually in the $100,000 to $250,000 range.
Extra Money: Win from a bonus feature of the slot. Example: multiplier, free spin, wild symbol combination, etc. Grab those credits, you earned it.
Instant Winner: Slot win paid immediately rather than installments. Usually progressive slots.
Jackpot: You are a Winner! Jackpot wins come in small, medium and The Big Hit.
King of Jackpots: Highest win paid for any slot. Progressive Slots are the ‘most regal’.
QuarterMillion$: A popular payout for Progressive Slots.
X – Symbol that designates a Multiplier times payout amount for winning combinations.
Example 2X, 5X, 10X, etc.

Yes!: Roar of a winning hit. Accompanied by a hand curled in a fist with a downward motion.

Zig Zag: Term used to describe pattern formed by multi-line slot winning possibilities.

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