Slots Dictionary

Action: Slot activity that includes all coins or credits played with winnings played or lost.
Example, if you begin with $100 and win $50 during the session, your action is $150.
Slots Action also determines your Slot Club Card or Players Card point evaluation by the casino.

Basic Slots: Single payline, aka straight or “flat-top” slots, have a constant top jackpot payout that does not change no matter how much the machine is played. 

Bet Max: is to bet the max coins for each play/spin. The best payouts occur when maximum bet is wagered. If you want to receive full value for your slots play, this is the best strategy.

Bet One: is to bet one coin for each play/spin. While this allows you to play longer, it
eliminates the possibility of receiving payouts for the highest jackpots. See Onesies.

Big Bertha: Nickname for gigantic slot machines with multiple reels used as crowd-pleasing visual promotions. This is a BIG play, but not necessarily Better Play.

Big Hit: Top Jackpot prize. Also known as Big Strike or MegaJackpot.
Do I hear a yip, yip, yippee!

Bonus Feature: Most slots offer several bonus features. Example: free spins, multipliers, scatter pays, wild symbols and/or second-screen bonus event.

Bonus Multiplier Slots: offer larger top jackpots as incentive to play max coins. The top jackpot symbol, e.g. 7’s will only pay with max coins. This is important for those players who have lined up winning 7’s only to find their single coin bet did not win.
Bonus Multiplier ‘Wild’ Slots: Versions with wild symbols, scatter pays and/or free spins include: Multi Jackpot, Triple Double Diamond, Five Times Pay, Cherries ‘R’ Wild, and Triple Red White & Blue. During play, max coins produce larger winnings.

Bonus Video Slots: are the most graphically loaded, glitziest slots to come along in a long time. Bonus Slots are described as ‘branded machines’, ‘entertainment-content’, ‘brand recognition’, ‘participation’ games, and ‘interactive’ slots.
The name Bonus Slots says it all, an opportunity to go to a ‘second chance’ bonus round where the real money is. Examples: Monopoly, Elvis, Let’s Make a Deal, Piggy Bankin’, Reel ‘Em In. 
You are on sensory overload with Bonus Slots offering at least 25 symbols filling up the screen in front of you.  Multiple pay-lines up to as many as 50 paylines, many of these versions come in penny denominations; also nickel, quarter and dollar.

Buy A Feature Slot: Additional bonus credits are added when multiple coins are bet. Example, top jackpot is won only with maximum coin play

Buy-your-Pay Slot: Each coin played triggers the posted symbol payout. Example, if you play one coin, you only trigger ‘cherry’ pays. Two coins trigger ‘cherries’ and ‘bars’. Is there a worse feeling that lining up all three top jackpot symbols with only one coin played?

Call Attendant: The slot of your dreams has just lined up a hand-pay. You scream, clap your hands, jump up and down and wait for those peeled off bills to arrive.

Carousel: A group of slot machines also know as a bank of machines. Progressive carousels usually include the same name or type of slot that are linked to play one top jackpot.

Cashback: Casino rewards for Slot Club Card holders who have met certain play requirements.

Certified Slots: Casinos promote their ‘certified’ slots at a bank or carousel with flashing, large, neon lights, guaranteeing 98-100% payback.  Most ‘certified’ slots are at least dollar denominations.

Coin In and Coin Out: Coins in is amount played through machine. Coins out are paid wins.
These two numbers determine a slots overall payout percentage.

Coins: Slot coins offer several denomination options, usually from pennies to $5.

1st Coin: activates one symbol on a buy-your-pay slot (example: cherries) or one multiplier or one payline on a multi-line bonus slot.

2nd Coin: activates two symbols (example: cherries, bars) on a buy-your-pay slot or two multipliers or two paylines on a multi-line bonus slot.
Example: Multiplier Slot: Three 7’s may pay 100 for one coin, 200 for two coins and 500 for maximum coins.
Tip: Bet Max will activate all symbols and/or lines on a multi-line bonus slot.

Collect: Amount of credits/cash won after a session of slot play. Bonus slots conclude the bonus round with a Collect button and display total accumulated credits won on the credit meter.
Comps or Complimentaries: Freebies awarded to Players Card Holders for their loyalty in the form of cash, rooms, meals and other special amenities.

Console Slot: Slot that is slanted down towards the player. My neck and back thanks the inventor for this comfortable machine.

Credit(s): paid during winning spins or when you place an initial betting amount as displayed on the credit meter To convert credits to cash dollar value, use the following formula:
100 pennies=$1. Divide total credits by 100 for $ value.
20 nickels=$1.    Divide total credits by   20 for $ value.
10 dimes=$1.      Divide total credits by   10 for $ value.
4 quarters=$1.     Divide total credits by     4 for $ value.
2 50cents=$1.      Divide total credits by     2 for $ value.
Dollar credits=same cash value. $5 play, multiply credits X5=cash dollar value.

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