Slots FAQ's: Slots Terms (Cont.)

This group of articles is titled: Slots Q&A. It is a collection of Readers Questions and Comments with answers provided by Gayle Mitchell, Editor of Casino Players Ezine. This article is about Slot Terms.

Q. I recently ordered your Slots Trilogy and found the three books to be very interesting and informative.
However, I don't understand the meaning of average hit frequency as explained in the books.
It says that a lower frequency of 2, would merit a higher rating than say an 8. It would seems just the opposite to me as more hits should be better.Can you please explain this to me so I can better understand the logic? Jack.

Jack: The average hit frequency is based on an overall % and  number of spins for that particular slot. If the 'hit frequency' is 50%, that would mean that there is some sort of payout every 2nd spin. Conversely, if it is 14%, that would be a payout every 7th spin. 14 divided into  100 = 7. Therefore, it is better to have a payout on average every 2nd spin (50%)rather than every 7th spin (14%).
Think of it this way: if you are sitting at XYZ slot, would you like to get some credits every second spin or wait until 7 spins have gone by? 

Q. Is there a separate RNG function that determines the "wheel spin" outcome for Wheel of Fortune type machines? Or is that payout preset by some other mechanism independent of the RNG? Moreover, is there a communication between the primary reels and the bonus spin wheel that regulates the combined payout over a period of time? Jim.

Jim: Re: your question about Wheel RNG,  the outcome of the wheel spin is pre-determined when the third reel lines up the Spin symbol. It is all one function. I was playing the other day and went to the Wheel seven times. Three of those times it produced 200 credits--very unusual to be that high, but, that's life with the RNG :-). All slots are pre-set with an overall payout by the slot mfg. as directed by the casinos.

Q. What is earning potential for a slot machines? How do you calculate? Is it similar to the one done for the tables games? Giorgio.

Giorgio: Earning potential is based on many factors. Which slot version--basic, progressive or bonus video slot? Where are you playing? Many casinos, particularly in Nevada, has higher payout %'s. What denomination? Payouts are better at the high end slots but then you spend more money. Also factor in the pc or percentage casino - could be 2-5% or more depending on machine hold.
I can help you out with cost/hr for slot play in the following chart:
Denomination 1 coin 2 coins 3 coins
nickel $ 30 $ 60 $ 90
quarter 150 300 450
dollars 600 1200 1800
From this chart, you can track your winnings/hour. If you are playing quarters - 2 coins max, single payline (a good starting bet) for one hour you can calculate your winnings based on amount bet. As you can see it's not as easy as calculating table games, such as blackjack, baccarat or even video poker.

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