Slot Machines Strategies

One of the first things you have to do when playing  slots machines online is to make sure you understand what you're playing. Take a look at the payout table and familiarize yourself with the winning combinations, and most importantly, the jackpot requirements. Different machines have different rules; a jackpot on a machine usually requires the maximum (max) bet; this max bet can range from 3 to 10 coins. Make sure you are playing enough coins for the jackpot. Imagine how you'd feel if you hit the 'big' combination only to receive a small payout because you forgot to check how many coins were needed for the jackpot!

Since you dramatically increase your payout possibility by playing the max coins, it is important that you find a slots machine with a coin denomination within your budget. It’s much better to play a smaller machine with max bet than to play a bigger machine with one or two coins.

How to beat slots?
The Bottom line is this: unless you’ve discovered any fruit machine cheats, winning at slot machines is a matter of luck. Full stop. Are there any real strategies for winning at slot machines ? In theory, no. But some people believe that there are ways to increase your chances of making money with slots. You can try these strategies. They may not be real slot machine winning secrets but they may help:

- The Roulette strategy for Slots: Start with the minimum stake. Increase your stake every time you lose and bring it back to the minimum every time you win. For this, you’ll need to find multi stake fruit machines that offer enough scope to increase your stake over a reasonable number of spins. You can find slot machines with a decent stake range on sites like Jackpot City, All Slots Casino, LuckyDevils, GamingClub and GetMinted

- The Bonus strategy: Take advantage of Casino sign-up bonuses, play the casino slots and cash out as soon as you can. Then go for another casino. Their bonuses are like free money and in theory that brings the payout percentage to over 100%. Why do they do it then? Because they look at the long-term profit. On the short term, they lose and YOU win.

- The Safe Slots strategy: Fix yourself a limit. Remember, loosing at slots or any other game comes from failing to know when to stop. The limit should be no more than 10% of your account credits (Because most slot machines pay out at 90% or over). Let’s say you have 1000 on your account and have decided to risk 100. This means you will STOP playing the slot if and as soon as your account is down to 900. Play the slot machine game within your limit and stop immediately if you win and the winnings take your account to over 1100 (the starting point + your limit). Why? Because statistically, you should lose more than you win at slots. If you have more than what you started with, you’ve beaten the odds and you should stop there. After that, if you continue spinning, the odds against you are higher than when you started. That’s of course the most difficult thing to do for a real slot gambler.

- The Free Slots for Cash or Prizes strategy: Some sites like Lucky Devils offer the possibility of winning real cash or prizes with the points won while playing their free slot machine games. Not a bad deal...

- The Progressive Jackpot strategy: Look out for Large Progressive jackpots. The bigger they are, the more likely they are to be won (mathematically that is). - The Payout Percentage strategy: Look for the best percentage payout slots around. Some slots have a percentage payout of around 95-97%. Most slots pay over 90%. Don’t play anything under that.

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