Slot Machines Secrets

Secret #1 - Behind the fancy facade, all slots is basically the same Do not be confused or intimidated by today's new breed of slots. Each year a new crop of slots hits the casino floor with their gimmicky names (Cool Millions, Top Cat), theme reels (cows, frogs, spaceships), and digital sound effects. But beneath their fancy facades, all slots are basically the same. They're simply boxes housing the slots' hardware and software produced by the manufacturer. And they all work on the same principle: put in one or more coins and wait and see whether you won or lost. They may have different pay out percentages or bonus games but that’s about it.

Secret #2 - Slot machine payouts are usually random Today's slots are controlled by a miniature computer (microprocessor) that generates hundreds of win-loss symbols every second, 24 hours a day, whether the slot is being played or not. And since the computer's generation of win-loss symbols is 100% random, no one can predict what symbol will appear on the screen and when. So beware of ads or mail-order offers promising some "secret" or "sure-fire" way of beating the slots. They're mostly worthless, out-of-date, or out-and-out scams. Ask yourself: If you found a way to make millions off the slot machines, would you sell it?

Secret #3 - Slots with four or more reels may be bad for your health If you see one, run, don't walk, past any slot with four or more reels! Each added reel actually increases the odds against you by the millions.

Secret #4 - Better to play with coins rather than with credits Do not play with credits. Some players claim that playing with credits is a practical way of keeping track of a slot's ups and downs. But when you play with credits, money can sometimes lose its meaning (you don't think of those numbers in the credit meter as real money). It may be tiresome to hand-feed coins into a slot, but when you hold a bucketful of coins, you can see and feel the increase and decrease of coins. And playing with coins forces you to slow down, which extends your playing time. Remember. Fast is good for the casino. Slow is good for you - you minimize the house edge.

Secret #5 – ‘Hot slots’ do exist Casinos want players to see other players winning - it's good free advertising for them. So often, they put their better-paying 'hot slots' in heavy-traffic, highly visible locations, with room for crowds to gather and cheer winners on. Such locations include crosswalks, elevated carousels, and banks of slots near the casino bar, lounges, change booth, and coffee shop.

Secret #6 - 'Cold slots' do exist Know which locations to stay away from cause lots of them have very 'cold slots'. There are some places that I have never personally witnessed anyone winning big - and these are all in non-gaming areas such as airports, bus terminals, gas stations, drug stores, and on cruise lines.

Secret #7 - There is no "right", "wrong" or "best" way to bet If, like me, you go to a casino to get away, have a few hours of fun, and maybe win a few bucks now and then, it doesn't really matter how you bet: maximum, minimum, or a combination of both. Ignore any "expert" or casino know-it-all who says to always bet max coins. They always stress the possibility of winning - conveniently overlooking the greater reality of losing. Just remember, it's not their money you're playing with.

Secret #8 - It is "pure luck" Regardless of what the "experts" say, winning at slots is like winning at keno, bingo, and your state lottery - pure luck! And luck is either with you at any one time or it isn't. If it's not, it won't matter what strategy you use or what you do.

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