Online Slot machines

By Karl James

Do you remember that scenes in the movies when the people insert a coin in a slot machine and spin the arm and after few seconds received a lot of coins? Of course you do!

Well, do you imagine make this dream real but playing an online slot machine?

Well the fist time that I played in an online slot machine, believed or not I was sitting in front of my computer at my home, relaxing and enjoying. It was so real that I could believe it. The sounds, the possibilities of play any lines I wanted …it was amazing!

After years of experience playing online, I learned something.

That’s why if you are planning to start playing in an online machine, I suggest you to follow those tips:

-Choose a good casino, I mean with good reputation

-Do not download the casino at the first time you enter the Web page, read something about the Customer service support and a review about the people behind the casino

-Try to practice playing for fun, but remember that the only way to make some money is playing for real money!

-There are some casinos that only offers a few slot machines types, is funniest is you have many slots machines types with different themes

-If you are thinking to play with some extra money and want to make more money that the usual, choose a casino that offers a progressive option

Is important to remember that play online slot machines will always be an adventure for you every time you do!

Every machine has its own wonder!

I have been collecting the best online casinos around the internet, in which I played. In my personal opinion, those are the winners:

Slots Plus

Vegas Casino Online

Sun Palace Casino

Las Vegas USA Casino

Slot machines are the most electrifying casino experience that anybody could ever hope to have. Slots are 'mad as' and you can win in a variety of ways. Slot machines range from the familiar traditional single pay line slots to the world famous Australian style multilane slots or 'Pokies'. The beauty of slots is that everybody can play them. Slots are simple to use for young and old and offer the added bonus of gambling with small amounts of money.

Las Vegas USA Casino

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