Slots Gambling reviews (part II)

7) All That Glitters: You have probably already guessed Diamonds and Jewels; however, there is a unique feature to this slot--Cascading Reels. Hitting the spin button does not display the usual whirling reels, but a blank opening from which the sparkling jewels cascade from the top of the screen into reel positions.
After any winning combination, the previous screen disappears and additional cascading glitter appears.
This second sparkling collection adds further bonus $$ for winning combos.
This Cascading process continues again and again until one window shows up with no winners.
The Jewelry Shop Bonus reveals a jewelry shop occupied by Jerry, the apprentice gem cutter and Sven the master gem cutter in the midst of rough gems and empty jewelry settings.
Now, it’s your turn to choose one rough gem and either Jerry or Sven to finish a setting.
More bonus credits accumulate for completed gem settings or oops! a shattered gem.  Two shatterings and the round is at an end, but 4 gem settings completed carries additional bonus bucks.
This slot is a must-see not only for the generous hits but the dazzling cascade feature.

8) A Fistful of Dollars—Wild Shot: This is the first of the slot series based on Clint Eastwood films.
The first of two main bonus rounds is the High Card Bonus activated by three scattered card symbols on the reels. Clint appears and is ready to take on the bad guy in a game of High/Low where five cards line up next to Clint and the bad guy also. If Clint’s card is higher or ties the bad guy’s card, the player is given a shot
at the top box bonus round where three gold coins are displayed with separate bonus amounts.
During the shoot-out, if a coin is hit, the value advances to the next higher amount.
In the end, you receive the total amount of credits for all three coins. 
Secondly, there is the Wild Shot bonus where Clint shoots straight for the reel symbols changing them into wild symbols for a re-spin and bonus jackpot.
Two unique features of this game are Scatter Progressive and Scatter Bonus. After you wager an extra coin along with the 15 to activate all paylines, you qualify for both bonus events. Three or four scatter pays appearing anywhere will prompt you to select one of them for a mystery award.
Additionally, you qualify for a $250,000+ progressive for five Fistful of Dollars symbols.
Surely, that Makes Your Day.

9) Monty Python & the Holy Grail: This slot captures the comedy of the legendary British comedy troop’s film Monty Python and the Holy Grail. The are three bonus rounds including Film Clip triggered by 3 film clip symbols scattered on the middle reels. There are 38 such symbols contained in this game, choose your favorite, watch the action and collect a bonus reward.
Next up is GrabaGoblet in which the player attempts the best choice in a shell game scenario.
The best and most profitable bonus event is triggered by 3 Holy Grail symbols followed by a rendition of the classic Camelot song and dance number from the film. Make your 7 selections from the pair of dice in the top box moving around the game board while accumulating bonus credits and/or a corner spot.
Three additional bonus games of Black Knight, Trojan Rabbit or French Cast await the player’s selection.
After an always entertaining showing of that selection, additional bonus credits are added to what surely must be ‘the comedy slot hit’ of the season.

10) Deviled Eggs: This Bonus Bank slot offers the option of an additional bet to qualify for one of five bonus rounds. Three or more scatter pays of Li’l Lucy, will trigger a random selection of one
of five bonus games.
1) Free Games, a random number of free spins is awarded and the Li’l Lucy character spins reels sprinkling magic dust resulting in a multiplier of 2, 3, or 5.
2) Random Bonus, Li’l Lucy appears on the screen and automatically adds winning credits.
3) Touch a Wheel shows three wheels awaiting your choosing. A light spins around the wheel to determine
a bonus reward.
4) Throw a Win, Li’l Lucy tosses 3 dice and the multiplication value of the three dice determines the win.
If two dice are the same, the total multiplication is 5 times. If all three dice are the same, the multiplier is 10.
5) Treasure Chests, three treasure chests are displayed on the screen and your choice will bring up to 25 free spins combined with a multiplier.
The non-stop action at this slot is certain to leave you ‘scrambling’ for more fun.


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