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1) Monopoly Money Wild Chance:This version has a top box bonus feature combined with flashing Monopoly Money bills, Jail, Chance and Community Chest cards.  A Wild Chance symbol is a multiplying symbol and if one lands in a winning combo, the top box shows Mr. Monopoly character tossing bills your way to multiply your credits. One Wild equals a multiplier of 2-5 times while 2 Wild=4-10X.  The Monopoly Money Bonus begins with this symbol landing on the third reel. At that time the multi-colored colored bills and icons on the top box flash in sequence awaiting your touch for individual rewards for each bill of 5-1000 coins. A Chance Card stop doubles all rewards, Community Chest is your stop for triple rewards, but all comes to a grinding halt with a Jail card when credits are tallied. The top of the money tree is the alignment of Three Monopoly logos for an Instant Hit of at least $100,000. This game is worth the Chance or Community Chest or Multiplier or Just Plain Fun.

2) Monopoly Cash Flow: Welcome to another round of Monopoly, this time with a dual screen. Sit right down and look for Wild Plus symbols that award a multiplier for extra bonus credits.
The Cash Flow Bonus is in free spin mode with the Monopoly board appearing at the top screen. When a deed symbol lands on the reels, you are awarded a bonus amount. Collect as many properties as possible as bonus credits mount and some properties increase in value.
And there’s more…Advance to Boardwalk follows Mr. Monopoly’s ride as you select symbols from the reels along with multipliers. If Luxury Tax is chosen, the round ends, however, choose the Advance to Boardwalk a total of three times and Mr. Monopoly’s trip ends at the fifth reel for a larger multiplier reward. The cash and action is flowing when you take this Monopoly ride.

3) Monopoly MoneyLine: The main bonus round includes a top box feature along with two other bonus events, one of which is a free spin.
When a Community Chest symbol lands on the first reel with a Chance symbol on the fifth reel, a free spin bonus is initiated. Community Chest cards appear on the screen and you select for a free spin option. Three Chance cards then appear and again your selection determines the multiplier for final rewards.
Three deed card symbols scattered on reels three to five start the Deed Card Bonus.
Up pops a window with five deed cards for your pick after which another set of cards is sighted.
This bonus continues for mounting credits until a Go To Jail card ends the round.
The main bonus event occurs when three or more GO! Symbols line up. Mr. Monopoly shows his face on the screen below the top box carrying a mallet, ready to hit the lights up to the top box and the familiar Monopoly property groups. One of the deed cards in the group lights up to reveal a bonus credit amount. You continue until all the same colors of a particular property group are lit and then move on to pick a corresponding multiplier for a final bonus count.
The top of the MoneyLine slot is a lit Boardwalk and Park Place offering a 10X multiplier for a Grand Monopoly of 51,000 coins. Wouldn’t that make our favorite character, Uncle Pennybags proud?

4) Monopoly Reel Riches:  Just when you thought you had seen all the Monopoly action possible, along comes a version offering mucho bonus credits.
The bonus round begins with the appearance of the familiar Monopoly board with deed properties, house and hotels in place, some of which have been sold. As the dice moves around, you gather credits and deeds by stopping on property still available for sale until a final stop at a sold property.
Additionally, nonproperty stops that include railroads, Electric Company and Water Works provide credits with railroad crossing lights, lights bulbs and a flowing faucet accordingly.
As you bounce around gathering all the riches these reels have to offer, keep your eye on the ‘richest’ prize of 100,000 total credits. See ya at Boardwalk.

5) Bally’s Cartoon Jackpot New Games: Watch for a gathering of all Bally’s Cartoon Characters as they release a sterling line-up of progressive slots that offer Instant Wins of $100,000+.
Listed in order of release up to 2006.
Boris & Natasha Super Frenzy
Boris & Natasha Diamond Line Frenzy
Rocky & Bullwinkle Cash Board
Rocky & Bullwinkle Super Frenzy
Rocky & Bullwinkle Lucky Wheel
Felix the Cat Magic Wheel
Betty Boop Love Wheel
Mr. Magoo
Betty Boop Kaleidoscope Cash
Li’l Abner
Richie Rich.

6) Fairy’s Fortune: Off we go to a magical land where 3 magic mushrooms scattered will allow a selection of three free spins, a bonus multiplier or a back door to the Fairy’s Fortune Bonus.
The Butterfly Bonus is a transformation treat beginning with Caterpillar icons on the first three reels.
From caterpillars come butterflies that flit about landing on reels to produce a three digit reward.
The main event--Fairy’s Fortune Bonus is activated by 3 scattered Mortimer Moons or the back door mentioned above where 18 items are displayed in an enchanted scene.  Your choice discloses either bonus bucks or the Fairy gliding towards the sky towards five star constellations. One of these magical starry offerings will present final bonus credits. This slot is a dreamy, peaceful oasis that is stunning to watch and play.

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