Readers Tell Their Winning Stories

by Gayle Mitchell

As Editor of Casino Players Ezine: Slots Newsletter, I asked readers/subscribers to tell their winning stories. Here are some of the results:

Gayle: I see you mentioned 5X's as a popular slot machine. Well, in my case, you are 100% correct!
I've won on the 5X's (2 quarters) for the top prize of $3,125.00 twice this year (as a matter of fact, it was the same machine both times). My husband and I take day bus trips to Atlantic City on Saturdays at least 10 times a year. We head straight to Bally's for the 5X's slots. In Vegas, however, I didn't win.  But my husband won $1,000.00 at San Remo. LaVerne.
LaVerne: I wish you continued good luck.

Gayle: Just got back from Vegas. I put $20 in the I Dream of Jeannie at the Bellagio and was playing 27 nickels.  I hit for 6200 nickels!  Gayle, thank you for all your slot information. Jeff.
Jeff: Congrats to you. Your wish was granted--Master.   Gayle.

Gayle: I live in a small town in west Texas and my wife and I play the slots in Shreveport and Bossier City La. Last year, my wife hit $750 and $3750. jackpots at  5X pay dollar machines within a few minutes of each other. This was at Casino Magic.
In December, I hit $1800 and  $800 on 3X pay and Blazing 7’s in about 30 minutes.
We were using some of your slot playing tips.  Martin
Martin: Congrats on your paydays! Gayle.

Gayle, I enjoy your slot advice immensely! We stopped at the Pine Nut Casino at Topaz Lake on our way home from Reno. I walked out of there with over $1000 after only 1/2 hour of playing a keno machine. First it was a 5 out of six and while I waited for the payoff, I played another machine next to the winner and got 5/6.
I replayed the original machine and failed to hit one number hard enough and only hit 5, I won again. This time was for 5 out of 5 for a payoff of $810--more than Vegas, which paid $500 at the time for a live Keno 5/5! You just NEVER know. Helen.
Helen: Winnings from Keno--amazing! Gayle.

Gayle: Love your newsletter. My wife and I went to the Horseshoe in Tunica, MS for a few days. Seldom do I play slots, but I took some extra money just to try in a $25 slot. Started on one and lost $200, so I moved to a double, triple diamond machine.
Played for a few spins and hit for $1500. I was happy. Hand pay was real fast. So I played on for a few spins, had a good feeling, and I hit it for $18,000. I could not breathe.
Again, the hand pay was extremely fast. Later I played a $5 machine and hit for $1200.
So in about 3 hours, I won $20,700. Never in my life have I been so lucky and what a rush! Brought ALL of it home and put in an interest bearing CD for the next 14 months.
Hope to go again soon, but that trip is going to be hard to top.  Paul
Paul: Congrats on your win--a wise investment all round, it seems. Gayle.

Gayle: Just came back from Vegas and had a wonderful time with my friends.  We stayed at Harrah's Hotel. I won and got a 1099 on the 5 times machine. We also went to the show at IP Hotel and the Buffet it was O.K. Spent some time at the Bellagio and Venetian, it was great. Went to the Orleans and got two more 1099’s on a triple cash slot machine. All in all, we came back with a lot of money. Thanks. Vegas. Rose.
Rose: Great News. Readers: a 1099 is issued for slot wins over $1200. Gayle.

Gayle: Finally hit a nice jackpot just yesterday. We were at the Seminole Coconut Creek Casino, not one of your recommended venues. Played a  25-cent Double Diamond with 5 paylines and 25-coin max bet. Hit 3 DD symbols on the diagonal for a 25,000 coin ($6250.00) payout. It was our first play, too. Yeah Buddy !

Gayle: Re: Harrah's New Orleans. Took your advice and did very well!  Thank you.  It is a beautiful casino well organized with one of the most friendly, cheerful & helpful staff that I've seen in a long time.  If you haven't visited yet, it is a must! We will be going back there, that's for sure. Thanks again. Jackie.
Jackie: Happy to assist. That's what I'm here for. Gayle.

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