Quarter Million$ Progressive Slots

By Gayle Mitchell

Since the release of All Slots Made Easier #3 with the top 200 slot versions, I must admit I have not found many slots that meet the criteria of 'top slot'.

That is, until the release of Bally's QuarterMillion$ Progressives. Not only is the big jackpot a generous payday, but you don't spend more than 75 cents to play each max. spin of the game, regardless of the denomination.

You can play multi- denomination versions with 3 quarters, 15 nickels or 75 pennies and all are connected to the same wide-area progressive for a really cool $250,000., the richest prize ever offered. Let's take a closer look at four of these reel- spinners, each with a unique style and play.

I have included the average hit frequency for the primary and bonus games.

Note: For newbies, the AHF is the Average number of spins that you get some kind of 'hit' while playing the primary or bonus rounds.

1) Lucky Wheel: sports a wheel style top-box bonus surrounded by bright red arrows. The third reel determines the bonus by the number of arrows on the line thus triggering the wheel above.

The wheel then spins clockwise and the circle of arrows spins in the other direction. It is then up to the player to stop the wheels and collect their bonus credits from the luck of this wheel.

Primary: 3 spins. Bonus: 67 spins.

2) In the Money: is a cut above the basic version and shows off the classy gold cabinet and top box bonus feature of Bally's Monte Carlo . The Roulette-type wheel is replaced with Cash symbols.

Again, the third reel plays a part in establishing whether 1, 2 or 3 spins along with the cumulative bonus amounts are awarded to the player. An added feature of In the Money is the Mystery Repay feature that makes a random selection whereupon; the reel will re- spin as many as 4 times, landing on the same winning combo each time for additional credits.

Okay, now let's hear that refrain: We're in the Money...We’re in the Money. Primary: 6 spins. Bonus: 70 spins. Mystery Repay Bonus: every 30 spins.

3) Tower of Power : takes its lead from the Millionaire 7's progressives where the concept is a bonus ladder of higher and higher bonus awards.

Three bonus symbols in any position within the pay window set off a re-spin that may well be more than 2 times.>

Therefore, every time a winning combo is spun, another step is reached on your elevated climb up the ladder to 10,000 coins. Once the Collect symbol shows up in the top box, that round is over.

This version is not only dizzying, but also gets your heart pounding.Primary: 7 spins. Bonus: 70 spins.>

4) QuarterMillion$ Frenzy: is the fourth of this group of spinners boasting a 4-reel game.

The 4th enlarged reel placed in the top box is significant in that it contains a variety of bonuses such as extra coin, free spins and/or multipliers.

Line these various bonus symbols with a winning combo on the first three reels and your frenzied excitement will be rewarded accordingly.

Primary: 5 spins. Bonus: 4 spins.

You have it all here. High AHF in the primary and bonus games and some super nice coin for the top jackpot.

My guess with this progressive line is that you will be hearing at least a quarter more 'winning stories'.

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