Pay The Aces & Multi-Hand Video Poker

by Gayle Mitchell

This article explores two Video Poker versions to include Multi-hand VP versions online and land-based.
First, get ready for an unusual pay schedule and the sounds of dropping coins as you are paid on the spot for Aces with no Faces while playing Pay the Aces VP.
I have separated the pay schedule into two parts; one part to highlight the Ace w/Face pays plus other hands and the other for Ace w/no Face and Dealt Royal hands.
I also highlight the good and bad payouts for this novelty VP version.

Pay the Aces – 8/5  one-coin return  max. coin return
 Pair--Jacks or Better returns the bet 5 coins
 Two pair (2 PR) returns the bet 5 coins
 Three-of-a-kind (3/kind) pays 2-1 10 coins
Straight (ST) (sequence, not same suit)
pays 4-1 20 coins
 Flush (FL) (non-sequential, same suit) pays 5-1 25 coins
Full house (FH) (3 of a kind and a pair)
pays 8-1
40 coins
Four-of-a-kind (quad) fives to kings
pays 25-1 125 coins
Four-of-a-kind (quad) 2’s, 3’s or 4’s.
pays 40-1
200 coins
Four Aces with Face fifth card
 pays 80-1 400 coins
Straight flush (SF) (in sequence,
same suit)
 pays 50-1 250 coins
Royal flush (RF) (except with
max. coins)
 pays 250-1 4000 coins

Are you also holding your nose at the quads you see and the paltry 8/5 paytable?
That’s the bad news: reduced pays—‘tis the price you pay for the following payouts.

Second, these are the return credits you receive when playing the max.
One Ace w/ no Faces  5 coins
Two Aces w/ no Faces
10 coins
 Three Aces w/ no Faces 250 coins
 Four Aces w/ no Faces 7500 coins
Royal flush (RF) Dealt
5000 coins

Strategy: you are on the hunt for Aces and that huge payday of 7500 coins and/or a Royal dealt that is not too shabby.

You will hold only Aces when dealt a full house, thereby reaching for a better payout.
However, it must be said again that the average return is not over 100% and I would suggest that you think of this game as the true novelty that it is. Fun, but not likely to be profitable.

The next VP game is multi-hand versions online and land-based that are the most exciting and innovative VP trend ever.

Multi-Hand VP

I’m sure you know the multi-hand drill by now. As with standard video poker, you’re dealt five cards, you may hold from zero to all five. The cards you keep appear in all the other hands as you discard/deal.
Multi-hand VP can feature three, five, ten, fifty, even one hundred hands per bet.
Versions available online and land-based include, but are not limited to Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Double Bonus Poker, Double-Double Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker. 
A hefty bankroll is required where a quarter, five play machine can cost you a bet of $6.25 per spin, ($1.25 x 5 = $6.25).

Below is a description of a newer online version by Microgaming.
Double Double Bonus Multi-Hand Power Poker—4 Hand:
This exciting game offers double the money and twice the fun, offering players an extra five “4 of a Kind” win combinations on the generous pay-table in a fast-moving game that provides authentically enhanced, state of the art video poker.
Thousands have enjoyed the popular 10 hand video poker selection of games and this one will definitely appeal to them too, with its clean, no-nonsense design and smooth playing dynamics.
Players will find an extraordinary range of relevant player assists and autoplay to give their play a truly wicked analytical and strategic edge.
The game is played with 1 x 52 card deck per hand, with betting levels of 1 to 5 coins per hand and very high potential rewards on a wide range of betting options spanning from pennies to $5.00. 
On a maximum bet of $100.00, the maximum payout of 80,000. is achievable.
This game is also available in a 100 hand version.

Rarely will you find full-pay VP pay schedules at Multi-Hand play, however, when you do, I highly recommend them.
I also suggest play at sky-high progressive Royals on any individual hand or, even better, when you are dealt a Royal for a total return that will leave you reeling. Now, that’s what I call multiple rewards.
Strategies for Multi-hand games are the same as any particular single payline version.
Even though the paytables are reduced, you should continue to practice optimum strategy.

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