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Record-setting Online Casino Jackpots

People who follow the trends of online gambling love to keep track of record-setting jackpots. The Internet has an inherent ability to shatter all precedents when it comes to the sizes of jackpots offered. The massive quantities of money that are on the line continue to attract more and more customers, not to mention a heightened level of media attention.

Just a few years ago, online slots players would have been overjoyed to take home checks in the $1.2 or $1.3 million range. However, to today’s crop of competitors, that’s about as exciting as a junior high school sock hop with strict parental supervision. Yes, we’ve come a long way.

InterCasino was among the first web sites to take jackpots to a higher levels. This online casino pioneered the entire industry by putting $3 million on the table for some lucky winner to take home. At the time, that represented by far the fattest progressive slots jackpot in the history of online gambling. In addition, as if winning a seven-figure check isn’t enough to raise your pulse, InterCasino agreed to toss in brand new BMW Z4 just for kicks. Now is that an accommodating online casino or what?

Frequent slots players know all about InterCasino already, but some others may not be as intimately familiar with how the slots at this web site operate. InterCasino's Millionaires Club slot machine utilizes five reels and nine pay lines. A maximum bet across all lines is going to set you back only $9 per spin. Heck, you can’t even see a movie for that amount of money these days! Even serious snob card players who normally consider slots beneath contempt started swallowing their pride to take a shot at this bad boy, and who can blame them?
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Omni Casino is another web site that has created headlines by offering gargantuan jackpot opportunities. You’ve probably already heard of Omni Casino’s exclusive Millionaires Club (same name, different slots) which commands massive respect by offering a progressive nine-line, five-reel online video slot game. When the Omni Millionaires Club approached the $2 million mark, many in the industry thought it could never go much higher. However, the jackpot smashed that benchmark and kept on climbing without breaking a sweat.

When it went over the $4 million mark, there was a sense of mass wonder that set in among those who simply could not believe what they were seeing. As of the writing of this article, the Millionaires Club jackpot is currently hovering high in the stratosphere at close to $6 million! Who will be the history-making person to take all that cash home? Maybe you!

When it comes to offering ever-larger jackpots on the Internet, the sky is truly the limit. Some day we’ll look back fondly at the first time a jackpot hit the $10 million level. Better hurry, it’ll probably happen before you know it.

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