Progressive Slots

By Gayle Mitchell

Let’s talk about those life-changing machines that are always prominently displayed and provide neon-overload for the casino visitor or web browser. Progressive Slot Players are no longer limited to that old standard--MegaBucks by IGT.

Innovative slot manufacturers now introduce progressive versions at the same time as the companion bonus version is introduced on the casino floor. Online progressives offer a varied selection and big bucks for those of us who like to wander cyberspace.

Many players are not aware that there are generally two levels of progressive jackpots -- primary and secondary. Nearly all are at least three coin machines with many graduated jackpots and pay symbol possibilities.

At this juncture, I insert this warning: Do not, as in never, play less than maximum coins with progressives for it’s a waste of money and a downright shame to be left disappointed if that jackpot hits with less than max. in play. There is the true story of a player who hit the MegaBucks jackpot and had to settle for 10 grand rather than millions playing the wrong way.

A ‘primary’ jackpot is the top prize offered when a player hits a specific combination. In the case of Megabucks, linked to participating casinos, the Megabucks symbols lined up correctly produce a bountiful payday. This top jackpot, increasing with each coin played is the one showing the highest dollar value and is usually displayed with the largest sign and numbers above the carousel or bank of machines.

Secondary jackpots are displayed on smaller screens mounted below the big screen of the primary jackpot, and increase apportionately to the number of coins played. These secondary jackpots are hit more frequently and will not payout as large a sum of money.

Before playing any single group of progressives, check out the primary and secondary jackpots, and then compare other surrounding progressives to see how high those jackpots are relative to their starting amounts. Change people and slot hosts can be helpful with information about where the largest progressive jackpots are located.

After a progressive jackpot is hit, the meter automatically resets to the base jackpot amount, e.g., seven million in the case of Megabucks.

You can check out the latest Megabucks Jackpot information at: 1-888-448-2WIN. The most popular progressive by far is the Wheel of Fortune available in four denominations: quarters, 1/2 dollar, dollars and five dollars. The dollar version resets to $ 1million and quarters to $200,000 after every win.

Other progressive versions are: Nickel Deluxe, Quarter Deluxe, Progressive Jeopardy, Addams Family MegaJackpot, I Dream of Jeannie with more coming online as I write. Bally’s Thrillion Series is also popular and includes three Blondie versions, 777 Millionaire, and Popeye.

There are many choices in Slots land; however, my final tip is to take the time to search for the highest jackpot in your choice of denomination.

Until next we meet in the Slots Playground…

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