Haunted House

Multi-Line Slot

Be brave and do not let the scary vampire prevent you from entering this Haunted House online slot machine.

The theme for this slot game is the hunt down those items that will send the vampire running scared and that’s your assignment.
The best defense against this scoundrel is a trio of garlic buds that will ‘scare up’ a different bounty on each of the five paylines. The top #4 payline rewards the hunter with an 1800X your denomination bet bounty and the top second payline #2 pays a 1200X reward. The Center line #1 brings on a bounty of 1000X while the second from the bottom #3 line grants a reward of 1400X payout. Lastly, the bottom line sends out a generous payday of 1600X your line bet.

You will find that a duo or single bunch of garlic buds will pop-up frequently. Two garlics will provide 25X the denomination in credits, while one will offer up 5X your denomination bet.
The five paylines are clearly marked spread out horizontally across the screen and are accompanied by the eerie call of the wolf on a dark and stormy night for a winning combination.
Other game symbols that offer a bounty of rewards are three each of crosses, coffins, knives, golden goblets and lit candles.

Slot Strategy Tip: It is recommended that you activate all five paylines to receive all the earned bounties this Haunted House slot machine has to offer.�

As you continue the hunt, the illustrated paytable is available for instant viewing and reference at the top of the screen.
Payouts are multiplied based on your line bet denomination. For example, if you bet a dollar and the winning payline combo offers 5; your payout is 5 dollars. All other winning combinations for all activated paylines for that particular spin are calculated the same way and added for a total payout dollar value.

Select the denomination to play from nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, dollars, two and five dollars at Haunted House slot machine.
You may want to begin at the low end with nickels, dimes and/or quarters and move upwards for higher awards.��
The Hunted House slot machine offers several bountiful rewards and plenty of excitement for the brave hunter willing to capture this creepy creature.

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