Fountain of Youth

Multi-Line Slot

Harkin back to the days of the great explorers like Ponce de Leon and begin your own search for the Fountain of Youth multi-line slots.
I promise much more comfortable surroundings, the thrill of the search and sweeter sounds than experienced back in those days.

The theme of this 3-line online slot game is the search for the magical Fountain of Youth and the rewards for your playing this exploration game are sure to spin out a ‘youthful smile’.

You begin your exploration within the serene sounds of water in a babbling brook and birds chirping all around. Listen for the magical harp strings accompanying every winning combination.

The symbols of nature greet you with a generous paytable for each ‘capture’ of butterflies, blue birds, frogs and blooming water lilies on any of the three paylines.
The ultimate prize for your search is rewarded with 800 for three Fountains of Youth, 600 for two Fountains and 400 for one Fountain. Other profitable searches will award 250 for three butterflies, 125 for three bluebirds, 60 for three frogs and 30 for three water lilies that line up across the three paylines clearly marked.

An extra bonus and frequent hit during your expedition play is a reward of 4X the denomination you have selected for any combination of butterflies, bluebirds, frogs and/or water lilies.
These payouts are for 3 coin play which in turn activates all three paylines.

The paytable is visible at the top of this game for easy reference.
Payouts are multiplied based on your line bet denomination. For example, if you bet a dollar and the winning payline combo offers 30; your payout is 30 dollars. All other winning combinations for that particular spin on all three paylines are calculated the same way and added for a total payout dollar value.

Choose your denomination from nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, dollars and two or five dollars.
You can begin your search for the magical fountain at the low end of nickels or dimes, then move up to higher rewards.��
You will find frequent hits on several combinations as you spin your way to the ultimate prize.
This ‘youthful’ expedition is a thrilling adventure for all ages.

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