Elvis Multi-Strike Rocks The Slot World

by John Grochowski

There’s no denying it. Video slots with bonus rounds and animated fun are hot. Multi-Strike is hot, too. You know it from the video poker game Multi-Strike Poker, where a winner on one hand brings a second worth double the payouts, where a winner brings a third hand worth quadruple payouts, where a winner brings a final hand that pays eight times the first.
And Elvis? Well, the King of Rock and Roll is eternally hot.

What do you get when you put them all together? A hunka hunka burnin’ fun.
Elvis Multi-Strike, designed by Leading Edge Design and distributed by slot giant IGT, is ready to rock. And now that the game is in release, it won't be long before Elvis is top of the charts throughout the gaming world.

Leading Edge is a Northbrook, Illinois-based firm that designs games and the biggest hit so far has been Multi-Strike.
The new Elvis game takes the Multi-Strike format and applies it to a video slot machine. Each of the three levels is a 20-line video slot game. A winner on the first level brings a second worth double the first, and a winner there doubles the payoffs again, so that the third level is worth four times the first.

That adds a lot of excitement. Even a small hit can be pretty lucrative when it comes with a 4x multiplier.
The game has two great attractions. There's Multi-Strike play, and that's exciting even for non-Elvis fans. There's the chance for big wins as you move up that worked so well with the poker game.
The other side, of course, is Elvis, and Elvis is timeless, classic, appealing to all ages and all genders.
That early version of the Multi Strike slot wasn't centered on the King. It was when Leading Edge took the concept to IGT that Elvis entered the building.

IGT hadn't refreshed the Elvis reel-spinning slots since 1999 when they came out with Elvis II, and there never had been a video Elvis slot.
Along the way, Leading Edge came up with a number of bonus rounds that put the King right at center stage.
You might find yourself reliving the glory days in the Photo Memories bonus rounds, where a record spins on a turntable, with dozens of tiny photographs of Elvis lining the perimeter. As an Elvis tune plays, an arrow at the center of the record spins through the photos. When it stops, the indicated photograph is enlarged, giving a good look at an Elvis memory and a bonus award.
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Or you might take a walk through the Hall of Gold. You'll stop at a group of eight record plaques, each with a different Elvis song. You choose three, starting the music, and as the King sings, meters indicating record sales mount at the bottom of each plaque.

As the numbers get bigger, the records change from black to silver to gold to platinum. The longer Elvis performs, the bigger your bonus grows.

Elvis diehards will swoon over the Fan-O-Meter bonus. You choose from among five Elvis songs, and then concert footage shows the King singing your song. A crowd cheers and claps and roars, and a meter in the top box of the machine registers just how big a crowd reaction Elvis is getting. The higher the meter rises, the bigger your bonus.
Elvis Multi-Strike includes 18 songs, with 45 different performances by Elvis in concert. The player gets to choose the song most of the time, and there are two, three, four performances of a song, so even if you choose "Love Me Tender," more than once, each time can be a different performance.

The three second-screen bonuses are augmented by a Rockin Respin feature on the first screen. Any time two Photo Memories or two Record Sales symbols land on the first two reels, they lock in along with any other wild Rockin Respin symbols on the other reels, and the remaining reels spin again. If another Rockin Respin turns up, it too locks in, and the other reels respin. If no new respin symbols land on the paylines, the round is over.

That's plenty of bonus excitement to go with the anticipation factor of climbing from single to double to quadruple payouts. Only when you have a loser on the first screen is it really Heartbreak Hotel time.

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