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Biggest jackpot won: Jean Robert F. won $288,903 on 26 June 2004 in Casino Tropez
Last jackpot winner: Chris B. won $37,361 on 15 October 2005 in Casino Las Vegas
Game type: 5¢, 5-reel 5-line bonus stage progressive jackpot slot


 NEW 5-Reel Multi-Line re-release featuring TWO animated interactive bonus rounds!

Get caught up in the magic and drama of Hollywood with this revamped version of Cinerama slots featuring TWO brand new interactive bonus stages that put the player in the director’s chair! Complete with beautiful actors, creepy cameramen and screaming directors, Cinerama slots captures the manic excitement of the film industry and provides the ideal setting for the slots player to assemble a winning cast for his/her own movie, scoop the coveted Cinerama Award and clean up at the box office.

Get 5 Camera symbols on an active payline while playing for Max Bet to scoope the grand jackpot - accumulated from the deposits of budding directors in all Playtech-powered casinos.

You play a big shot Hollywood director who has to choose the cast for the next Hollywood blockbuster. First, select one of six actors to play the starring male role. Then, once you’ve chosen your cast, it’s off to the Cinerama Academy Awards night to see how your movie was rated by the critics. The better it rates, the bigger the bonus you win!

Now it’s time for the box office test. In this second round, You find yourself standing at the entrance to the CineRama movie theatre on a busy Friday night. Four movies are showing, all starring characters that featured in the previous bonus round. You have to pick the movie you think will gross the most at the weekend box office. Next, read the latest edition of Movie News magazine to see how the movie you selected performed at the box office.

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