Changing slot scene

By Gayle Mitchell

Remember when the only slots available were clunky, tiny, fruit-bell reels and Vegas, the city that grew from a vast desert, was the only place to play?

Computer technology has taken slot players down a neon, graphically rich and audibly enhanced road to the latest treat for the senses: bonus video slots.

Now we play Monopoly, listen to Elvis tunes, Make A Deal, spin that Wheel of Fortune and revel in the casinos’ ‘virtual video arcades’.  Slot Players have come a long way. Don’t you just love the excitement? 
Mindless casino game -- you say. Not anymore, my slot friends.

It’s no longer a matter of insert coins, pull handle, cross fingers and dream of the big jackpot. A slots education is now a pre-requisite of any casino visit.

Not only should you choose and observe the slot selections/schedules presented, but also wager management is key to your survival in a game that now produces 70% of most casinos’ revenues.  If you don’t become slot-savvy and learn the correct strategies, you are missing some nice paydays.

We all know the casinos and the programmed RNG have the upper hand in the slots challenge. However, there are learned strategies that can and will improve your slots play that we will explore, thus preparing you for those jackpot quests.

I classify slot types into three major categories: basic or ‘classic’ slots -- those 3 reel wonders most of which sport a single payline, the most popular being Diamonds and Red, White & Blue 7’s.

Progressives with ever-growing jackpots, (primary & secondary), plus Bonus Video Slots--the latest gaming revolution. Sub-divided into two types: Bonus slots that transport the player to a second bonus screen/round for an additional payout and Wild Multiplier Slots or Wild X Bonus as I call them.

Wild X Bonus slots look like basic three-reelers, but in fact have more payout options and should be located for those reasons.

Further information and strategies for these three slot types are:

-Basic Slots
-Progressive Slots
-Bonus Video Slots

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