Slots General

1) Play certified slots that guarantee at least a 98%+  payback.

2) How much do you bet for each max. spin? Cost should be a factor in your wager management plan.

3) Slots Myth: casinos can change payouts with a ‘flip of the switch’. Not so, as this would require a computer chip change inside the slot.

4) There are three types of slots available: basic, progressive and bonus multi-line versions.

5) Basic Slots: Single payline and top jackpot remains constant.

6) Basic Slots are also known as straight or ‘flat-top’ slots.

7) Progressive Slots: Jackpot numbers increase depending on amount of play from all linked machines.

8) Progressives: Overall payout % is lower than basics because of ever-increasing jackpot.

9) Bonus Video Slots: Offers an opportunity to go to a ‘second chance’ bonus round-screen.

10) Bonus Slots: includes multiple payline versions plus multipliers with bonus option.

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