Bonus Slot Reviews #2

By Gayle Mitchell


Following are descriptions and reviews of ten bonus slots for you to explore on your next casino adventure.

1) Babooshka: What is a Babooshka, you ask? It’s a hollow wooden doll painted in fine detail that contains a smaller doll inside it and an even smaller doll inside that one. These dolls are collectibles in and other Eastern Europe countries. Now isn’t that a perfect element to display bonus amounts? There are three bonus events. Changing Seasons where three or more house symbols scattered anywhere on the reels and a cycle stop on summer, the paytable is doubled. Babooshka Bonus is triggered with three dolls on the reels at which time; the player selects one doll thus revealing six smaller dolls, five of which hide bonus credits and one a collect symbol. Lastly, Red Babooshka Roulette Bonus round asks the player to pick six random numbers from 1 to 9. Now the fun begins as you press the start button that enacts the Roulette Light flashing above the dolls. When it stops, a four-digit bonus is revealed. Don’t say “nyet” to this game.


2) Bachelorette Party: The Aussie sense of humor comes into play with another striptease themed game. The striptease starts when 3, 4 or 5 ‘scattered women’ appear. Touch the screen to reveal an item of clothing and win the prize displayed. If all of the man’s clothing is gone, your total feature win is multiplied by 2-3 times your wager. You may encounter the Double Up Feature while ‘taking it all off’.


3) Battleship: Mikohn’s first version is ‘All Aboard’ with palm trees, pineapples, sharks plus three sailor symbols and Battleship icon that is wild. Three bonus rounds are a) Flag Bonus for seahorse symbols on 3rd, 4th and 5th reels where a choice is required among five flags hiding multipliers and one Battleship logo that takes you to b) Medal Bonus Round with a view of the control room. Take up to eight shots to sink the fleet for bonus $$ descending with more shots used, (e.g., four shots=450 X line bet while eight=30-50X). Three medals are displayed for your pick of additional bonus bucks. c) Octopus symbols on reels 1, 2, and 3 gives you a chance to ‘sink the fleet’. It is possible to play all three battle bonus rounds at one sitting.


4) Beetle Bailey: Look for three different games featuring one of our favorite comic strip characters. They are: Roll For Rank, 1-Day Pass Out and K. P. Cash. If they are as entertaining as the comic strip, these three games should be very popular.


5) Beetlemania: These ‘cutie pie’ cartoon bugs are led by Betty Beetle the singer, Barry the bassist, Fred on the sax and of course’ Jiminy Hendrix on guitar. Each member goes into a solo performance when landing on a reel and all the band members appearing together is a wild symbol that doubles the jackpot in a winning combination. Three or more scattered Chord Key symbols pay a jackpot multiplied by the entire bet. These Chord Key symbols also trigger the main bonus of 15 free games where all winnings are tripled with the possibility of a second set of 15 freebies. There’s lots of excitement at this concert and it’s all in stereo. Rock On!


6) Believe It Or Not: Unlike other bonus slots where a player randomly chooses buttons or pokes the screen, this game actually involves strategy. Is this the wave of the future? Let’s hope so. The central feature of this game is a frequent bonus round that occurs three times more often then most video slots. The bonus event features Rip the parrot squawking instructions to the player. You are prompted to select one out of three possible answers to a trivia question and you keep at it until the correct answer is selected. A bonus amount is guaranteed and the sooner you make a correct selection, the higher your bonus. Be sure to pay attention to Rip’s advice. A secondary bonus presents the player with a series of grids displaying globes (Robert Ripley was a worldwide traveler) hiding bonus $$. This game is entertaining and the winnings can be beyond belief.


7) Bell Ringer: Ballys wants you to ‘ring that bell’ to the top jackpot. A horse symbol is wild among the 7’s while three wilds up win the top jackpot. The Bell Ringer symbol on third reel activates the bonus game of a light shooting up to the top of tower for bonus bucks and maybe a double win when lit. A crink in your neck as you look up is payback for many bonus rounds. You can afford a massage after a winning session here. 


8) Bewitched: Inspired by the television sitcom that continues to entertain audiences everywhere, Bewitched is a 15-line, five reel, selectable denomination video slot game. The newest TV-themed slot includes the Bewitched them and the show’s inimitable cast of familiar characters: Samantha--the beautiful witch and her harried spouse--Darrin Stephens; Serena--Samantha’s look-alike cousin, Dr. Bombay--the entertaining and indispensable family witch doctor and Gladys Kravits--the Stephens’ nosy neighbor. Bonus games lead the player into the show’s familiar themes. For example, as Darrin tries to make a presentation, Serena casts a spell, turning him into a frog, a toaster, an umbrella and more. The player makes a screen selection to summon Sam to put things right as the Slotto balls multiply credits or to cast a spell for more bonus winnings. Whether you are Bewitched, Bothered or Bewildered by this game, there is no argument that you will be entertained from start to finish.


9) Beyond The Reef: Vividly colored fish, enchanted seahorses, captivating starfish and winsome dolphins inhabit this underground tropical universe. Have I inserted enough ‘seaworthy’ adjectives? Players uncover buried treasures by winning one of several bonus features. The Dolphin Sunset acts as a wild symbol and Treasure Chest symbols are special scatter pays. For added fun, both symbols animate when in a winning combination. Be sure to listen for the bell announcing that 3, 4 or 5 scattered Treasure Chest symbols have occurred for 15 free games. At that time, all prizes are tripled and more free games can be added to your deep-sea adventure.


10) Big Bang Piggy Bankin’: I say--bring on all the new versions of this popular BVS, especially this one with two bonus rounds. Features are the wild pig, special bar symbols and ten piggy animations with a rotating arrow in the middle bonus screen. Any three-pig symbols that pay send you to the bonus screen. First bonus: once the arrow stops on a bonus amount, it’s recorded and the pig becomes a bomb then arrow re-circles. Round and round we go, gathering bonus amounts as long as the arrow does not land on the bomb. Get past the bomb after third and ninth tries and you are rewarded with extra bonus credits.  Second bonus involves the piggy bank that will count credits for three blanks while three Break the Bank symbols will bring forth the total banked amount.  So many piggies and now extra bonuses -- enjoy the squeal.

Until we meet again in the Slots Playground…


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