Bonus Video Slots

By Gayle Mitchell

Bonus slots are described as ‘branded machines’, ‘entertainment-content’, ‘brand recognition’, ‘participation games’, ‘interactive’ & ‘banking slots’.

I like the name Bonus Slots because it says it all. The main goal of these games is to play the reels to win a ‘second chance’ bonus round where the real money is.

The Australian manufacturer, Aristocrat stepped forward first with multi-line slots.  Aristocrat’s special features include roaming wilds, free spin-bonus play, repeat wins plus hold and spin.  Twenty payline games are their latest innovation with the release of Jumpin’ Joeys.  Other popular Aristocrat games are Enchanted Forest, Cash Chameleon, Queen of the Nile and Delta Treasure.

Bonus Slots are easily identified for as you approach; you immediately see many more graphics than a basic slot or progressive--25 symbols or more filling up the screen.  The buttons in front of you offer up to 20 paylines. Many versions come in penny denominations, but with maximums up to 225 coins for pennies, 45 coins for nickels, that’s $2.25/spin, folks.

The RNG (random number generator) is still very active even when the machine is idle and the number of possibilities with these graphic-rich bonus slots is staggering. The same RNG principal applies here: once you press the spin button, a final decision is made. Payouts are much more frequent, usually every 2-3 spins.

Read all information posted. I know you have heard this before but with many more payout options, this is important. Take a look at the help menu that explains game rules, winning combinations/payouts and pay lines criss-crossing the screen grid. 
There is usually an attractive sprinkling of wild and scatter pay symbols that increase your winnings when appearing anywhere on the screen.  

Bonus round top points should be a contributing factor in selecting bonus types/versions. Bonus secondary jackpots can produce more than 10,000 coins and primary/top jackpots 100,000+  as printed on machine. This is important as one Bonus version will pay more than others and will determine your choice and denomination that fits your wager management plan.
You should definitely play all paylines in order to activate the many wild and scatter symbol payout combinations.

Best strategy: try one or two coins per line; therefore, a spin of 9 to 18 nickels is not an expensive wager. As you build your winnings, take some risk with the occasional maximum spin.

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