Bonus Slot Reviews #3

By Gayle Mitchell

Following are descriptions and reviews of ten bonus slots for you to explore on your next casino adventure.

1) Cash Chameleon: The green lounge chameleon reminds you of a Saturday Night Live character inviting you to take a shot at winning a top prize of 150,000 coins. With 20 paylines at 10 coins per line your total max. bet is 200 coins; therefore, the scatter pay bonus can be even higher than the top prize at 200,000 coins. Our sexy chameleon is the wild symbol and changes color when three of them are lined up on adjacent reels with each of the three different colors paying different amounts. Three different colored chameleons will pay 100 coins for the lowest payout, while lining up same color characters increase the bonus with the orange chameleons paying up to 15,000 coins times the line bet. Another feature of this game not usually found on other slots is that the player can gamble his winnings for double-or-nothing up to five times. This game takes ‘coloring-up’ to the highest payout degree.

2) Cash Encounters: An alien spacecraft hovers in the night sky over a farm and some tasty barnyard animals in this extra-terrestrial themed game. Aliens appear above reels one, three and five with spin buttons directly under those same reels. The player selects one to be active during the primary game bonus. Whenever a wild symbol barnyard animal lands on the player’s selected reel, the alien abducts that animal and in turn pays you a random bonus amount. At the second-screen bonus event, three aliens on the middle reels produce three landing sites. When the player selects one of the sites, an alien spacecraft will hopefully land on the same site paying the player a random bonus. The main bonus event is triggered when three Ray Guns appear anywhere on the first, third or fifth reels. Three spacecraft hover above three unsuspecting cows and the player picks one of the alien ships to ‘beam-up’ one of the cows. The more cows abducted, the more ‘mooola’ you receive.

3) Cash For Life Triple Spin: Another entrée in the series of Cash For Life introduces a top box bonus game wheel with credits ranging from 10 to 1,000 coins on a 3-coin bet. The base game standard paytable consists of bar and 7 combinations where landing three Cash For Life symbols guarantees you $1,000 a week for life, with a minimum of $1 million guaranteed. The top-box bonus is activated when a Spin symbol lands on the third reel with a max. bet. The player has three spins and is given the option to accept or reject the first two bonus offers. The progressive prize resets at just over $1 million and the addition of the top-box bonus allows the player a little more time to take a shot at this ‘life-changing’ game.

4) Cast for Cash: more Reel ‘Em In adventures and two linked bonus screens. At the start of the bonus round as your line is cast on the top screen, you can see the fish swimming around in the lower monitor. Move your legs, now can you see?  As before, you choose your fisher but an added twist--a bottle that states ‘you have won a fishing vacation’. Choose , Lake Mead, , Paris or Alaska with the appropriate scenic fishing hole in each, or maybe a ‘fishing contest’ when your choice fishes ‘til they drop and you receive the mounting bonus credits. Other events include a bigger fish swallowing the small one, thus upping the bonus amount or you are given the chance to throw your catch away for a bigger fish to fry. This new version gathers crowds, so prepare to be center stage.

5) Catch a Wave: As the Beach Boys song goes, it’s slot surfing time. Surfing dudes supply the sound while three or more wave symbols slide you into free spin bonus mode. The higher number of wave symbols determines the count of free spins, e.g., five=15. Payoffs here are based on combos appearing anywhere on the screen--bonus, man! Secondly, 3 or more crossed-surfboard symbols ‘waves’ in the multiplier amounts for another bonus, dude. Surf’s up, go for it.

6) Chairman of the Board: another Monopoly game, 9 lines and a high hit frequency. Scatter dice symbols activate the ‘dice bonus’ round--roll the dice and multiply. Three ‘boardwalks’ takes you to the familiar top-box bonus round board game. Choose your properties, multipliers and accumulating credits until ‘go to jail’, ‘jail’, ‘luxury tax’ or ‘income tax’ stops your run. A ‘get out of jail free’ allows you to continue plus 3 ‘same-colored’ properties=a bonus amount. Another plus for me--visiting rich Uncle Pennybags again.

7) Cherries ‘R’ Wild: This slot may look like a single line reel-spinner; however, you can activate 9 paylines that will multiply jackpots by adding together hits on various lines. The wild symbol ups your credits and can be applied to two or three intersecting pay lines. It’s possible to rack up credits on a single spin, yet not hitting the waiting upper level jackpots. Also, factor in a high hit frequency of nearly every other spin if you activate all pay lines--the best strategy for this version. This slot comes in a slant-top version with payouts easily seen rather than craning your neck to look up. Why aren’t all games this comfortable?

8) Chickendales:Teasing male strippers in the slot world? Guess again. This time it’s flabby chickens in G-stings competing for a chance to entertain you with a private Chippendale’s performance. An egg symbol appearing on the second and fourth reels is wild. One symbol in a winning combination doubles the jackpot and two eggs multiply the jackpot by four. Three or more Chickendales symbols trigger a Chickendales Competition where our overweight ‘boids’ compete on a spotlighted stage. The player selects a member of the audience to critique one of the stripper’s goofy ‘bumps and grinds’. That audience member displays a scorecard indicating a bonus amount, a rose, a ‘collect’ or a ‘private dance’ symbol. Three roses or ‘private dance’ takes the player to a second bonus screen, an ‘Egg-citing Private Dance’ where you select one of four eggs that increases or decreases the bonus gathered during the first round. I tried this slot simply to watch the hilarious chickens dance. It’s worth the price.

9) Cleopatra: As the queen watches from above, you will notice that her icon is wild and subs for all but the scatter pay--’Flaming Sphinx’ plus doubles the jackpot for any winning combo. Top of the tree jackpot is paid for five Cleopatras at different max. coin denominations up to $90,000 payout for nickels. Fifteen free spins and multipliers are triggered by the ‘Flaming Sphinx’ scattered anywhere on your screen. Free spin time includes the same bonus features as the original game so more double jackpots and free spins result in ‘royal returns’.

10) Clue: The popularity of bonus rounds in games such as Ripley’s Believe It Or Not and Battleship has led to another game with an entertaining bonus that keeps them coming back for more. Based on the murder mystery board game, Clue contains more riches in its bonus round then the two mentioned. Players use the process of elimination to solve a crime. Three cards: one each identifying a suspect, weapon and location are placed in an envelope and the player makes suggestions as to who murdered a character, what room and how it was done. You have three selections to solve the mystery for a bonus reward. The same principles are used in the main screen bonus, and after your selections, the screen animates to re-create the crime while a narrator tells you which of your choices was correct. If you solve the murder, you proceed to the Inheritance Bonus round to pick items of inherited riches for additional rewards. The Card Caper bonus round prompts a choice of suspect cards that reveal multipliers, collect symbols or a secret passage in the bonus tier. All you sleuths are going to love this bonus-rich game.

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