Bonus Slots

1) Bonus Slots: AKA ‘interactive’, ‘banking’, ‘brand-name’, ‘entertainment-content’ or bonus video slots.

2) Main goal of bonus slots is to get to the ‘second chance’ bonus round.

3) Bonus slots screen shows at least 25 graphic symbols or characters, more than other slots.

4) Scatter pay wild symbols pay anywhere on screen’s criss-crossing pay lines.

5) Use Help Menu to determine grid of various paylines and payouts for matching symbols.

6) Bonus Slots are available in penny to dollar denominations.

7) Bonus Slots offer frequent payouts, usually every 2-3 spins.

8) Bonus Slots: at least 5 or 9 paylines and up to as many as 20 paylines may be played.

9) You do not have to play at maximum coins all the time with bonus slots, unlike basic and progressive slots.

10) Bonus Slots Betting Tip: Play 1-2 coins/line, activating all paylines, until you build some credits. Then the occasional maximum coin spin is not a high risk.

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