Bonus Slot Reviews #1

By Gayle Mitchell

1) Addams Family: Gomez, Fester, Thing, Lurch are all here for creepy, kooky, spooky, audio and graphic entertainment. Three themes tempt you: A) 3 Market Madness symbols brings on Gomez and Thing for bonus choices and watch for the Train Bonus near-disaster with Thing the hero and you get the win. B) 3-5 Pick To Win symbols and Lurch wants you to pick from sets of dollar signs to gather bonus amounts. C) 3 Fry Festers triggers bonus round to re-energize your friend and get credits for it. Also Rock, Paper, Scissors game allows you to challenge Thing as the multiplier values mount. Look for these slots topped with sculptures of Uncle Fester, Lurch and the family mansion. Progressive jackpot pay=5 Addams Family symbols on 9th payline.


2) Adonis: Take a trip back to ancient with this video slot imbued with the sights and symbols of myths and epic adventures. You will be enticed to seek out the very hunky Adonis. This Adonis symbol substitutes for the traditional wild symbol. Even more, any win with the Adonis substitute doubles the bonus. When 3, 4 or 5 scattered Gold Coins occur, you win 15 free games and prizes are tripled. Try this one and may the gods smile upon you.


3) The Beautiful: the second Ray Charles themed slot centers around his wonderfully patriotic rendition of America The Beautiful. The primary paytable includes bars, cherries and 7’s with a top award of 4,000 coins. The Paylettes, Ray’s three beautiful back-up singers are Bonus symbols along with Ray Charles concert tickets. Line up the Paylettes and choose one of the girls for a bonus amount. Three concert tickets on the payline trigger the main America The Beautiful bonus and you are transported to the Apollo Theater in Harlem where Charles has performed numerous times. The player selects different appearance dates and accumulates credits along the way while Ray tells a story of that particular gig.


4) American Bandstand: ’s oldest teenager is going to the slots again for the fourth time. His voice announces the songs and guides the player through the bonuses. The legendary show has songs from different decades, the AB theme music, dancers and gold and platinum record icons. The 20-line game accepts $20 worth of nickels and has a high hit frequency. Five AB logos on the payline returns $10,000 on a max-coin bet. The main Top Ten Bonus occurs when a Top Ten symbol lands on the first three reels. The player is prompted to select one song out of four and a chart appears with 25 spaces depicting five weeks of airplay for that particular song. The slot randomly moves the song up the charts for at least two weeks rewarding a bonus with each upward move, however, it could also move down the charts and the player has the option to take the money and run. Three RR symbols trigger the Rate A Record bonus where the player again selects one of four songs and is rewarded with up to five free spins plus a possible multiplier. This game definitely has a good beat and you can dance to it.


5) American Pride: Get ready for a lot of red, white and blue on this high-hitting patriotic game. A Spin symbol showing anywhere on the third reel gives the player a go at the top bonus reel to multiply their bet by up to 50x or 4000 coins. The base game is 7’s, bars and cherries and landing an eagle in the bonus round=800X your coin bet.


6) Andy Capp: After all that beer and running around, this international comic strip character hasn’t aged one bit and is still entertaining people many years after his creation. You will find frames from some of the comic strips plus traditional bar (what else?) and ‘7’ symbols. Three or more fence symbols trigger Flo’s Fence Bonus, so named for the long-suffering wife of the pub-hopping Englishman. Payouts increase from 50X for three symbols up to 200X for five. The main feature, Andy’s Dartboard Bonus is awarded when three dartboards appear in any position on reels one, three and five. Andy throws darts revealing bonus amounts plus a random number of free spins that are all winners. Everybody enjoys Andy, but why is it that nobody has ever seen his eyes? Is the color red not easy to reproduce?


7) Area 51: There are aliens among us as the reel symbols of comets, flying saucers, rockets and solar system depicted in this game. Area 51 signs, wild symbol and a win every 1-2 spins place this version in the ‘high hitter’ category. Shades of Mr. Spock’s control station are observed in the unusual ‘spaced-out design’ of this slot.


8) Atlantica: The scene is the mythical undersea world of Atlantis with animated mermaids, octopuses, sea horses and dolphins. The Mermaid is the wild symbol that subs for all others except the Golden Hands and Octopus that trigger bonus rounds. Three or more Moon symbols trigger a scatter pay and an Octopus on the center of the third reel starts a bonus round where one tentacle will wrap around a 3X pay bonus. Three+ Golden Hands trigger the Mermaid’s Bonus. Here the player is taken to Mermaid’s Hall, which is 3-6 chambers away from the ultimate--The Treasury. There are three doors in the hall, and a different prize (or pitfall) is hidden behind each, a secret the Mermaid reveals to the player without informing the player which door it is. The selected door will reveal either a certain number of credits, a dolphin (doubling the prize), Neptune (guides you to the Treasury) or a collect symbol sending you back to the regular game. As you can see, the mysteries of Atlantis continue with this game.


9) Austin Powers: The International Man of Mystery is fully loaded with Shagadelic bonuses--Mini Me and Dr. Evil plus four bonus rounds. We find 17 headshots of our man tossed among the reel symbols. Spin up four or five faces and they are highlighted for a player’s choice and bonus amount. Austin ’s girls, Vanessa and Felicity bring on another bonus session with a selection of film characters and square picks. Match two to move on to the hiding Fat Bastard. Third round starts with three Frau Fabissinas leading to the Fembot Bonus selection for extra cash. Save the best for last--three Dr. Evils will result in a visit to his underground lair where your choice of a multiplier can be as high as 40X. Shagalicious fun, babeee!


10) Austin Powers Time Portal: This is the fourth game using the popular Austin Powers theme. As before, reel symbols include the characters as well as signature lines from the films such as “Groovy Baby”. Austin Powers is wild subbing for all but the bonus trigger symbol in pay lines. Three or more Austin Powers Time Portal anywhere on the reels reward a scatter-pay jackpot after which the player receives 15 free spins and possibly more to the backdrop of ‘60’s psychedelic music. The primary game moves fast and has a high hit frequency with tidbits of comedy between the reel spinning. The top jackpot is 200,000 coins on the 20-liner that is, well, ‘Way Groovy’.

Until we meet again in the Slots Playground…


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