Bonus Slot Reviews #4

By Gayle Mitchell

Following are descriptions and reviews of ten bonus slots for you to explore on your next casino adventure.

1) Saturday Night Live: Few shows in the history of television have had as profound an impact on American culture and comedy as NBC’s hip, irreverent and bitingly funny SNL. This four game series should attract people of all ages. The Blues Brothers is progressive cash for life that resets at $1 million. The three other separate games are The Coneheads, Church Lady and Han’s & Franz. Depending on the popularity of the initial four games in the SNL series, might we expect to hear from Rose-Anna-Danna-Danna in the future? I hope so.

2) Scrabble: the familiar wooden tiles are depicted as dancing characters and their job is to place the player in several bonus sequences. Game reels display the Scrabble board, brainy characters, tiles and a wild ‘star’ scatter pay symbol. Three or more scattered tile symbols propel you to the bonus second screen event called ‘Tile Picking’ where the player selects three face down tiles noting bonus amounts. The main bonus event occurs when three or more scattered Scrabble board symbols appear on an active payline, then the fun begins. There are a number of themes to entertain you, including football, Broadway and ‘Space Invasion’ with accompanying themed characters and music. The player is prompted to select dancing tiles revealing both a letter and a bonus amount. The letter may be part of a word and if so, then proceeds to take its place on a tile holder bench. Three incorrect picks or ‘X’ symbols ends this bonus round and all correct words are moved up to the top-box Scrabble board awaiting increased credits by landing on ‘double letter’ or ‘double word’ spaces. During bonus play, you may get an opportunity to extend the round if a ‘save’ tile is revealed to cancel one of the ‘X’s. If you are up for the ‘carl ebbs’ challenge, this slots for you.

3) Slingo: A very popular game merging slots and bingo. The bonus round screen shows a bingo card and 25 numbers, thirteen are already chosen for you. Your job is to match the remaining 12 numbers with free spins as credits mount for ‘filled’ numbers. Cherubs, devils and jokers play another game on the reels for extra profits. This BVS has produced many winners in Atlantic City and was introduced at AOL.

4) Sinatra: It was only a matter of time before Mr. Cool Las Vegas became a slot theme and now it’s here in a two-coin dollar progressive that resets at $500,000. There are four different city versions of the game, each with their own popular Sinatra songs. Chicago is a Ten Times Pay, Los Angeles is a Five Times Pay, New York is a Double Diamond base game and Las Vegas has a Triple Lucky Sevens base. Line up three Sinatra symbols on the payline and ol’ blue eyes will not only become your favorite singer, but your most memorable Sinatra tune will be “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”.

5) Smokin’ 7’s:3-reels, total of five 7 combos. Double jackpot 7’s work like the wild symbol in Double Diamond-style games, subbing for any other symbol thus doubling the jackpot when one lands in a winning combo or quad the jackpot when two land.‘Free Play’ symbol on third reel activates the bonus game. Now we are talking some real money. The top box is similar to Treasure Tunnel game jackpot multiplier, but with free spin numbers in circles (e.g., 5, 10, 15 and 25). Once amount of free spins is established, hit the spin and go collect, for every spin is a winner. Land 3 wild symbols on free spin and get the top payoff. A Smokin’ Deal!

6) Spam: the world’s favorite luncheon meat is now being served. 1950’s type commercial characters suggest ways to prepare this canned treat. Three or more ‘Dancing Spammy’ symbols trigger a scatter pay, and the ‘Rings of Spam’ bonus is initiated when three ‘Cook Book’ symbols land on the second, third and fourth reels of a payline. Here, the player moves through four circles by selecting cans of Spam that reveals bonus amounts or uncovers a One More Pick icon which ends the bonus after that selection. When three or more USDA Grade A Bonus symbols land, the Spam Cook Off starts. The player selects one of three cans of Spam to reveal a delicious Spam shaped item such as a football or valentine. A bonus is awarded depending on the 1st, 2nd or 3rd place finish of your dish selection. Be warned, this is a mouth-watering game, so adjust your schedule accordingly.

7) Sphinx II: The original Sphinx was a worldwide success and improvements have come along with this second version where something happens on nearly every spin. The main bonus feature is called ‘Reels of Ra’ where the player enters ‘Ra’s Treasure Room’ and makes their selection. The most enjoyable part of this game is achieved in the double-bet mode and a Tutenchamun Head takes you to a third Treasure Bonus tier with King Tut’s head sitting above four spaces. Four numbers come out of the king’s mouth at separate intervals and you place one number at a time in the four blank spaces completing a four-digit bonus. You are then paid 1000 coins or more. You can be ‘wrapped up’ in this action-packed game.

8) Spider-Man: is here with a multitude of villains to confound our hero. This 9-line slot’s win combinations will be indicated by linked, flashing colored boxes. Scatter pays occur when three or more newspaper or camera symbols appear. Three or more Peter Parker symbols on a lit payline will initiate one or more villainous bonus event such as Vulture’s Lair, Lizard, Dr. Octopus, Sandman and Green Goblin. You can be caught ‘in the web’ of this high hitting game.

9) Swing Time: Roaring 20s and swing music with a twist in that some bar combinations pay without a match. Max. bet wins include a single, double or triple bar combo for 60 coins, three 7’s in any position pays 100 coins plus the Wild Bar substitutes for any other bar symbol for a win. Three Wild Bars pay 500 coins and three 7’s win the top prize of 4,000 coins. Re-spins are achieved when 3 Swing Time symbols land on the payline and the game re-spins until it lands on the same combination when you receive your bonus $$ up to 300 coins. The ‘swings’ in this game add up to a higher hit frequency than most.

10) Swingin’ In the Green: Jungle Jim greets you as he swings on vines through the jungle with his monkey friend, Giggles. Find Giggles on the second and fourth reels as wilds for treasure and multipliers of 2X or 3X. First, Third and Fifth reels sporting jungle trees set off the bonus round and you are joined by Jim’s girlfriend Penny Drop. Tree branches hold the bonuses waiting for your selection. As you watch our hero swing to and fro eventually his crash will bring forth your bonus amount and the end of the round. Humor and graphics by Williams.


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