Bonus Slot Reviews #5

By Gayle Mitchell

Following are descriptions and reviews of ten bonus slots for you to explore on your next casino adventure.

1) Texas Tea: Black Gold - Oil that is. Greet Texas Ted, Armadillo from Amarillo , yellow rose, Cadillac and a Texas bull. Five Texas state symbols pay the ‘big strike’. Three derrick symbols send the game into shakes, shivers, gushing oil and finally the outline of Texas . With the help of Texas Ted, you plant the oil derrick(s) and watch the gushing returns. After 3 Texas Ted appearances, he invites you into his office and sends an ‘Oil Dividend’ check your way. A second ‘striking reason’ to play here.

2) The Big Cheese: another ‘nudge’ slot with Make a Winner when the third reel moves up or down to complete the payline. Wow--a jackpot of some kind every third spin on this dollar slot. Like other versions, there is a fourth reel multiplier set inside the top part of this game and triggered with 3 ‘Big Cheese’ mice for a return of 2500 coins. Spin 10X for a real Big Cheese Win!

3) The Big Win: This 3-reel slot accepts up to 15 coins and has a player option of holding any or all reels and re-spinning the remaining reels to increase the payout. An ‘Auto Hold’ button provides help as to the best reels to hold. In the Money Tube Bonus Round, the player picks one of 4 tubes containing moving dollar bills with the option to try another Tube. At times, a game show host offers the player cash in lieu of the unknown amount of the final Tube selection. The Money Tube, once revealed can evoke frowns or smiles in the search for The Big Win.

4) The Honeymooners: Perhaps the most beloved and enduring TV show of all time comes to video slots. This game incorporates characters, film clips and music from the 39 episodes of the classic show. Animated reel symbols include Ralph and Alice Kramden and Ed and Trixie Norton with other icons such as poker chips, bowling pins and Gotham Bus Company driver’s badge. The first bonus round, titled Golden Moments is triggered when three or more TV symbols appear. The player is prompted to select TV’s one-by-one from a grid of 16 revealing an icon and a quote. The idea is to match uptown moments for a multiplier and the quicker the match, the higher the bonus. You also view the actual vintage film clip of the show you have matched. Three or more symbols of Ralph being kissed on the cheek by Alice triggers the Pick a Heart bonus where the player is prompted to pick one of six hearts to reveal a bonus of up to 30,000 coins. “Awaaay, we go”.


5) The Lone Ranger: All the elements of the popular 1950s TV show are here including the masked man’s faithful steed Silver, a ranger star, a black and white TV, a Lone Ranger watch, silver bullets and of course his Indian companion Tonto. When three Mesa symbols appear on the first, third and fifth reels, they nudge to the center payline and our masked hero leaps across the screen to capture the bad guy revealing a random bonus up to 100 times the bet. The main screen ‘Trading Card Bonus’ is triggered when three or more bubble-gum trading cards land on an active payline The player is prompted to choose three playing cards. If two of the cards match, you continue until no match is achieved or all the matches on the screen are hit. Bonus amounts range from 25 up to 1,600 times the line bet with a top jackpot of 10,000 coins. “Hi-ho Silver”--no wait, it’s “Hey, where’s my Silver?"

6) The Munsters : All the members of the original cast are here for two versions. First, a Wild Bat symbol animates and turns into Grandpa, covering three reel positions for a better chance to win. When five Munsters Match Coin scatter symbols appear, the Munsters Match Bonus begins. You pick squares until three of the same family members appear, each of whom is assigned a bonus value. If Cousin Marilyn shows up before matching three, your bonus win is doubled. When 3 or more fire-breathing Dragon scatter symbols appear, you are treated to an Instant Winner Bonus. With every big win, Herman Munster appears jumping up and down shouting, “I’m rich, I’m rich!”  Scarweee, yes?

7) The Price Is Right—Plinko:  sounds like a stone skipping on the water, but it’s actually the classic pegboard game with a new bonus round added to the original Price Is Right slot. The top prize on the price wheel is $10,000 on the nickel version and in the Showcase Showdown, you are still prompted to spin a reel and accumulate 55 cents without going over a dollar. If successful in this round, you advance to the Showcase Round where the player selects 12 price tags revealing different bonus amounts, extra credits or a multiplier amount. If three or more Plinko symbols land anywhere on the middle reels the screen displays a plinko pegboard with slots on the bottom with amounts from 50 to 1,200 coins. The player receives one to four chips and places them at the top of the board to wind their way down through the pegs for your winning return. Plan on Playing Plenty of Plinko at your favorite casino Place.

8) Throw the Dough: Is there anyone who doesn’t like pizza and building their own? Luigi is here to greet you with song, making wise and bonus bucks. ‘Throw the Dough’ wild is a winner, as is the ‘Luigi’ symbol that will move you over to the Pizzeria. Choose your toppings based on the reel symbols, multiply and add to your total. When your pie is ready, a surprise bonus amount is ‘thrown’ your way, catch it and by gosh it’s time for another.

9) Titanic: No sinking feeling here, on the contrary, this is upscale elegance of a classic slot. Sights of diamond jewelry, deck chairs, White Star logo, mystical music and the dreaded iceberg. Line up three sections of the ‘big ship’ for the top jackpot of 10,000 coins. Seven combinations and specific symbol payouts offer better than average wins and hit frequency. A storied ship encased in a better-than-basic slot.

10) To Tell the Truth: This slot carries the sights and sounds of the popular show that ran in prime time for 30 years. Three or more To Tell the Truth symbols trigger the main bonus round where the screen switches to a cartoon version of the show’s set accompanied by the familiar theme music. Comical facts about the contestant are relayed to the player who is then prompted to select the character he believes is telling the truth for a bonus award. The three contestants go through the usual partial stand before the real one actually does. Truth be told, this game will evoke memories and up to 10,000 coins times your line bet.

Until we meet again in the Slots Playground…

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